Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Of course, this was their favorite thing to do at the zoo, and that's why we saved it for last. These kiddos were exhausted when they got through running their little hearts out. Trevor slept the rest of the afternoon when we got home....so did mommy!

More Water...

Cute Pics

This is one of the only times that they were walking....
Pucker up, baby!

A Photo with Mommy Attempt....

Here is another miserable attempt at a picture with my child....can't you tell he absolutely loves to pose for the camera? Oh well, I will soon have another little boy who might let me take pictures with him....but I won't count on it! That's just the joy of having boys I guess!!

A Day at the Zoo

Trevor and Cat were so excited to be riding the train!

Farewell Jimmy!

It's a little late, but I'm behind on blogging....2 weeks ago we had a farewell party for our educator, Jimmy Barnett in the ER. He will be leaving us to go be the educator for the specialty care clinics in the hospital. They are a lucky group of nurses, because let me tell you...this man works very hard at what he does! He has definitely spoiled us ER folks over the years. I know he will never be able to cut his ties with the ER, though....no one ever does that is a true ER nurse!! Good Luck Jimmy, we will really miss you man!

Buzz and Woody

A couple of weeks ago, Trevor decided that he wanted Buzz and Woody to have breakfast with him. I put his breakfast on the table (cheese toast and peaches, one of his many favorites), and told him to come and eat. He came in the kitchen with Buzz and Woody in his arms, and said, "Mommy, Bizz (that's how he says buzz) and Woody eats." So up on the table he put them. I thought it was the cutest thing, I just had to take some pictures of it. He has really got into pretending lately, and I think it is hilarious! He also has 2 frogs ("powgs" he says) that he loves to feed, bathe and sleep with as well!

Busy Week

Well, we have been very busy to say the least these last few days. We went to Alabama Adventure...just Trevor and me (brave, I know, but he was great) on Saturday for the first of many times I'm sure. Those season passes are going to come in handy this summer. We had a blast, but I forgot my camera! Sunday, we did yard work all day...and I do mean ALL day! It doesn't really look that much better, but it made me feel better! We went to the zoo yesterday with Aunt Erin and Cat, and we actually do have pictures from our little outing. Today I had a class to attend at work, so Trevor strolled around Birmingham with Sarah and had a blast with her and the "puppies". We have 2 more days to enjoy on my off week, so we're gonna try to find something fun to get into!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Huntin' Eggs

Even though he was the only one huntin', it was the cutest thing. We kept saying "Trevor, find the eggs" and he would say "Der it is!!" I know he had a great time, if he had as much fun as I did watching him!

My Boys....

I don't know why, but these are some of the sweetest pictures to me. Trevor was so excited to be "pishin' " with his Da. Joe was actually doing all the fishing, and Trevor was doing the reeling. They caught one, but by the time they reeled him in, Trevor was GONE! He didn't want anything to do with it....which is really surprising, considering he loves anything creepy and slimy! He sure is a momma's boy now, but I know that will be coming to an end soon, once his Da starts taking him fishing with him all the time.


This is Trevor and Katie walking down to the lake on Easter. I thought this was such and sweet picture!

Better Late than Never!

On April 2, Joe and I celebrated our 4th anniversary at where else????The Bright Star. I cannot believe that we have been married 4 years and have baby # 2 on the way! I look like an amazon woman in this picture b/c I had heels on....I get in trouble for wearing heels quite often! That's what happens when your hubby is short like mine! Thanks Joe for being the husband and daddy that you are! I love you to pieces!

The Easter Bunny Visited....

His favorite thing that the Easter Bunny brought him by far was the little $2 dinosaurs and frogs that came from Walmart. The Easter Bunny will know better next time!! :)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's A......

Well, we went for our big ultrasound this morning! Baby looks great....we're measuring right on schedule. The Dr. Pepper that I drank right before the ultrasound apparently didn't kick in until after the ultrasound...baby was sleepy and didn't want to be bothered. This little munchkin is MUCH more laid back than Trevor. Heart rate was 153 and all of baby's organs look good.

So looks like we will be seeing the new baby around September 16!! Oh yeah.....it's ANOTHER BOY!! We couldn't be happier! Dr. Goolsby actually told me that I didn't appear to be a "girly girl" and he saw me with all boys anyway! I guess he was right! Looks like I won't be too broke after all. He'll have PLENTY of hand-me-downs from big brother....of course, I'll have to buy him some special things too!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a good rest of the week! I'll post pictures this weekend....we're gonna have a busy one!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Baby Update....

Just a little update about little baby Cox. I go to the doctor a week from today and get my big ultrasound. I will also be finding out what little baby Cox is....I can't stand it. I knew I would end up wanting to know. I'm not real good with surprises, either. So, in a week, we'll know.
I am really starting to feel the baby move, though. You can't feel anything on the outside, but boy I can feel this baby doing some cart wheels in my belly! I listened to baby Cox last week at work, and the heart rate was 140. Trevor's was always so high....so maybe this kiddo is more laid back than him. Trevor has his mommy's personality/temperment, so I'm hoping this little baby acts like Daddy...laid back and calm. We'll see! I have a gut feeling that it's another boy, I don't know why, but who knows! We'll see in a week!

First Beach Trip of 2009....

This past weekend, we took our first of many trips to Gulf Shores. Trevor and I, my friend Sarah and her 3 babies (teacup yorkies) went down Friday afternoon and came back Monday afternoon. We thought that we were in for some bad weather, going by all of the weather reports, but it turned out to be a beautiful weekend. It rained Friday, but by Saturday it was gorgeous! It was a little cool on the beach, but very nice.

If we did anything down there....WE ATE...and ate....and ate. That's what vacation's all about....right? We went to Cozmo's Friday (not my favorite), Shrimp Basket (my favorite) on Saturday, frozen pizza on Sunday (ha!), and then The Hangout on Monday. Overall, it was a great little get away, and I can't wait to go back! I didn't even get a tan, because I was a good little girl and wore my sunscreen (yuck!!). EXCEPT for my poor knees....somehow I missed the knees, and they got extremely fried. I'm glad the rest of my body didn't feel like that!

I took tons and tons of pictures, but these are some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy, and hope everyone has a good rest of the week. I have to go back to work on Friday for a week, so it will be a while before I update again!

Going to Eat

Sarah wedged between the boys....
Cutie Pie

Rachel and Brady Cole
Friday night when we got to Gulf Shores, we went to eat at Cozmo's with Rachel and Brady Cole. It was really good, but expensive. And the staff there is very rude. They didn't like the fact that we had 2 rowdy toddlers and were pretty pissy about it by the time that we left. I didn't even hear the little skinny lady smart off to Sarah and Rachel, because I was in my own little world. I truly believe that God intended for me not to hear her, because by the way that it sounded, I would've given her a good piece of my mind. Rachel apologized to her, and said "we're leaving", and miss priss said "well that's good". OH MY.....I would've let her skinny butt have it. We excused her, because she probably doesn't have children anyway! SO, if you have a wild 2 year old, as I do....Cozmo's will probably not be the best place to go!!!

Johnny Rocket's

This is Trevor after his come-apart that he had before we ate. Our waiter was the greatest, and brought Trevor this balloon, and all was good after that!

More from the Beach

Excuse his big hat...it's actually mommy's but I didn't want his little face to get burned, so he got to wear it. I'm surprised he actually wore it. It kept blowing off because the wind was blowing so hard.

Into the Cooler...

I really don't understand what was so fascinating about the cooler....other than the ice!

Fun on the Beach....

Trevor's idea of fun this year was filling his buckets up with water, and transferring water from one bucket to the other. Over and over...and over again. He was wearing me out just watching, but at least he was occupied.

Oh So Tired...

It was not hard to get this little guy to take naps at the beach this year....in fact, both days on the beach, he actually asked for his blanky and "sassy" (yes he still sleeps with his paci, but we're working on it....along with the potty training thing, and not having a whole lot of luck).

Trevor and Mommy

This is our attempt at a photo shoot....as you can see, we never got a good one where he was looking!

Trevor and Sarah

My Buddy!

He was having a blast in the sand....he loves to throw it, which kinda stinks if you don't like the sand sticking to you (which I'm not real fond of). Needless to say, we were both covered in sand by the end of the day!

Still Mommy's Boy....

This little man has mastered the skill of stealing his momma's heart with those sweet sugars!
Excuse my pastiness....I can't exactly tan anymore, so I give off a blinding glow!

I love this guy!

Sarah's Boy

This little man loves him some Sarah. Every time he would get in trouble he would hold his arms up to Sarah, and say "hold you, Sarah". I believe he would go live with Sarah if I would let him!!