Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rosy Cheeks

This poor little one has not been himself for the past few days. He tried so hard to feel good for Hunter's visit...but after about an hour, he had to show his fanny and throw a fit. I can't really tell what's going on, but I'm willing to bet we're trying to cut a tooth. Or it could be that his ears are still bothering him. Whatever it is, I wish it would leave my poor baby alone!!!

Me and My Buddy Hunter

Hunter and Kelley came to see us this afternoon. These two little boys are so sweet. I like the picture where they are both looking at the ceiling fan....what is it with fans that fascinate babies so much?

I Can Wear My T-shirt Now!

I got Trevor this shirt last September when I went to Panama City with my friends from work. I had just found out that I was having a baby boy. It says, "Someone who loves me very much got me this shirt in Panama City Beach." I almost forgot about it, so now he'll only be able to wear it a few more times!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Let's Go To Bed!

I just love taking pictures of this little man taking his bottles! He thinks he can hold them on his own...even though he's getting pretty close! He's getting so fat, he could afford to miss a few! He definitely does not let that happen. I'm just so glad that he's a healthy little guy! I took this picture about 30 minutes ago, and he is already out! He had a long, busy day!

Visiting with More Cousins!

I forgot to post these pictures. These were taken yesterday. Trevor got to meet his cousins Charlie, Chase, Hannah, and Lindsey for the first time. Charlie (in the picture) was such a big help. Trevor loved all of the attention he got from them! And of course he got to see cute little Lexi Grace!

Nap Time

All of that playing....we had to catch us a nap! We woke up, and started all over again!

And Another Toy...

Yes, we played ring-around-Mi Mi's living room....way too many toys to choose from. Can we say Trevor is just a wee bit spoiled?!

Mr. Slobber Box

Trevor has been a real slobber machine these past few days...and he'll throw a fit every now and then. I think his little gums are hurting him. I can see on his bottom gum...we may have a little toofie cuttin' through any day now.

Playin' with My New Toys at Mi Mi and Paw Paw's

We tried out some new toys this afternoon while we were visiting with Mi Mi and Paw Paw. He LOVES them. He's getting so tired of laying around. This little boy said it was time to sit up and play!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mr. Busy Butt

Anything keeps him busy...even if it's Mommy's hands!

Mommy is So Silly!

I never knew I was that funny....

Mi Mi and Paw Paw's Boy

This little boy has these two wrapped around his fat finger!

Tell Me This Thing Ain't Spoiled....

Mommy and Daddy's Buddy

Last night we went to the Bright Star with Mi Mi and Paw Paw. They were celebrating their anniversary, and we were just celebrating life in general! This was our first trip to a restaurant as a family, and little man did so good! We was so busy looking at everything, he wouldn't even look at the camera! Of course, daddy was lookin' silly as usual. He doesn't do pictures very well!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Little Early Bird

Someone is definitely an early bird...he's this way pretty much every morning. That is, after he has his bottle! He does not get this happiness in the mornings from me...I've never been too big on waking up early. I can say that getting up early with him is so easy...just look at that face. Who wouldn't want to be around that cutie pie! I thank God every day for my happy little man! I am so blessed!

More Early Morning Pictures

What Now?

I know he gets so tired of me always in his face taking pictures!

First Bath in the Big Boy Tub

We're done with Trevor's little boy tub. He makes such a mess every time he takes a bath now with all of his splashing he's been doing lately. He was excited about being able to stretch out and splash in the big tub. You can really tell by the water in the bottom picture that he was busy!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Already Learnin' How to Fish!

These are pictures from the other day at Bent Brook Golf course. My friend, Miranda, emailed me these pictures that she had taken of Trevor. So cute! I'm sure his daddy will love this bottom picture!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Visiting with the Rice Family

Heather, Morgan, and Jacob came by for a little bit this afternoon. We had a nice little visit. Trevor wants them to come back soon, when they can stay longer! :)
Trevor found himself a new buddy this afternoon!
Hmmm...I could get used to this!

Boat for Kids

We spent the majority of today with some of my buds from work. We were at Bent Brook Golf Course this afternoon trying to raise some money. This is the boat that my friend Chris bought last year. He had this Children's Hospital wrap put on it, and is now selling chances to win the boat. Proceeds go to the Emergency Services at Children's Hospital. It will be given away in mid-October of this year.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Still Tryin' to Hold the Bottle

Still needin' a little help from mommy and daddy, but he's getting stronger and stronger every day! We're so proud of him!!

Big Mouth

Why suck on a paci, when you have a whole fist? He kills me when he does this!

Mommy's Little Duck

He'll hate this one when he gets to be a teenager!

Lovin' that Aquarium

He just lays and talks, sometimes yells at the aquarium! Anything amuses him these days!

Clean Little Man

This man LOVES bath time....he fusses when you take him out of the tub!

My New Stroller

We discovered yesterday afternoon that Trevor is big boy enough to ride in his umbrella stroller. This thing is so easy to get around in...much lighter than the big one!!

Can Someone Show Me to the Weight Room?

Just look at my "buff" little man! I'm so proud of his big muscles! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sittin' in Mommy's Chair

I'm not the only one who likes my new chair....

Trying to Roll Over...

Bless him! He's trying so hard to roll over, and he's getting so mad that he can't. Notice the bottom right picture...he's furious. I wonder who's fireball temper that takes after? Oh well, stay tuned, because I believe this little stinker will be rolling over before too long!

Carrot Face

This is what happens when you sneeze with a mouth full of carrots! He just started laughing. Of course, I was wearing them too!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

How could I not have had the best Mother's Day? I got to spend it with this cutie! He's the best gift I've ever gotten. He is the best baby. He hardly ever cries...and when he does, you know something is wrong. Even though this past week, he's been fussy. He had a good reason though. Those stinkin' ear infections hurt like the dickens! He's feeling alot better I think. He's still grabbin' and pullin' at his right ear, but we've been on Omnicef for 4 days now. Hopefully he will be a brand new man in a few days!

Chattin' with Mommy

I've definitely got a talker on my hands! Oh well, I guess he got it honest!