Sunday, March 27, 2011

Play Ball!

I have waited 4 years for this! I have always loved baseball (and softball), so when Trevor decided that he wanted to play I was so happy. I always said that I would not push him to do anything that he didn't want to do. He's been loving it, and it's really good for him. Yesterday was Trevor's first baseball game, and we had a blast! We started out with the parade at 9:00, then opening day ceremonies at the field. Then, our game wasn't until 2:00, so you can imagine how cranky and tired all of these 3 and 4 year olds were.

I've got to hand it to our coach, and all of the guys helping coach (including Joe). Rounding up all of the players is kinda like herding a bunch of cattle. They are running every which 'a way, and getting them to stay in one place is a challenge. Our boys do a great job, though!

To say that this game was funny is an understatement. I haven't laughed so hard in a while. I don't know what was funnier...watching them play, or watching my dad watch them play. I really enjoyed it, and look forward to many more Saturdays at the field!

The Braves

Don't this look like a heck of a ball team? These guys are so stinkin' cute! Trevor was still pouting about his balloon at this point!


Poor guy...he's just a pouter, what can I say? He was sad that his balloon popped. I kept trying to explain that we'd get another one, as soon as the ceremony was over, but he wasn't having it.

Opening Day Parade...

I didn't get to take alot of pictures from the parade, because the boys rode in Joe's truck, and I rode in the passenger's side. The boys were so excited and had a blast! They were more worried about eating the candy than anything!

Trevor and Brandon

These 2 are so cute together. I see alot of play days in our future with our new buddy, Brandon. They are always together, just cuttin' up, laughing and running around!

Excited About the Big Game!!

How Cute is This?!?

Well, the time has come for baseball. We are playing t-ball and it is the cutest thing I've ever seen. The boys have absolutely no attention span, and half (maybe all) of them don't know what's going on. They just love running around everywhere!


I think Andrew has more desire to play ball than Trevor. He's gonna be one of those kids that starts out super early. He throws a fit to go on the field every time Trevor has ball practice. As you can see, he is loving it!

Sweet Babies!

More Pictures of the Wild Child...]\

Park Days...

Wow, going to the park with this monkey is no "walk in the park". My swwweeeet little Andrew is so destructive. He is never still, and is not content to sit anywhere. Not even for a second. He WEARS...ME...OUT. Literally. Anytime I go anywhere, my ultimate plan is to get the boys so exhausted that they will sleep good. In turn, it usually backfires, and I am the one who needs a nap in the end!

Zoo Trip!

This is from one of our zoo trips in Feb. with our buddy Hunter. He and Trevor always have a ball together!

Dinosaur Cake!

So, if you order your cake from Publix in Hueytown like a month in advance (to ensure there is plenty of time for them to make the cake your child has been talking about for the past month or so)...MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THE RECEIPT. Because it's a little too late when you go pick it up minutes before your child's party, and they don't have it. Can't find the order recollection of it. That's what happened to us. Yes...all my child wanted for his birthday was a "dinosaur cake". No fancy bike, skateboard, Wii, you name it....nope, all he wanted was a dinosaur...cake....sheeeesh! Hence, the whop-sided pitiful excuse for a dinosaur cake that is in front of my child. Oh well...he didn't care...for all he knew, he had gotten his dinosaur cake that he had been asking for! And this one was only $10....