Sunday, March 22, 2009

Me and My Sweet Boy!

This is us riding the choo choo at the zoo...Trevor's FAVORITE part! Everytime he would hear the whistle blow....he would say "I ride choo choo!" We only rode the choo choo once, thankfully. I think he would've stayed on it all day, though!


I conned him into a smile before we got on the choo choo!

Love is in the Air....'ve gotta love going to the zoo during the spring time. All of the animals are chasing after each other. I thought this was cute of these 2 flirting with each other!

Discussing the Sea Lions

Here's Hunter and Trevor discussing the sea lions....they are probably wondering why their pool was dark green!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

He'd Rather be Eatin' Tomatoes....

I have never in my life seen a 2 year old that will eat tomatoes like this. This is by far his favorite food ever. I guess I can't complain, it could be junk food. I'm telling you, this child would pass up french fries in a heart beat for some good ole' tomatoes! When we go out to dinner, I just ask for some extra tomatoes, and he's an angel the rest of the night. I just had to take a picture of him the other night...they make him so happy!

Happy 30th Birthday Daddy!

So last Saturday (March 7th) was Joe's 30th birthday, so one of my buddies, Kam Foo, worked the last part of my shift for me so that I could take Joe and Trevor out (thanks Kam!). I really wanted to do something better for him, with it being his 30th and all, but time slipped away, and before I knew it, it was March 7th! Why is it, the older you get, the faster time flies's crazy! Soooo, we went to the Bright Star for dinner, which is the next best thing (in my opinion anyway)!
This is not the best picture of us, but it will do. Joe looks like a goober, because he's holding Trevor, and Trevor's trying to escape...anyone with toddlers knows this quick pose...and I'm trying my best not to laugh (with my fat arms...why does pregnancy do that to your arms?, at least it does mine!)

SIlly Boy

This is what happens when Trevor is not into having his picture made with just don't get a decent one!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Baby Update!

I went to the doctor this afternoon for my 12 week visit, and everything went perfect. Trevor was even an angel, and that is totally out of character for him. The only time he got upset was when the nurse was checking my blood pressure, and when she used the doppler on my belly. He hushed fussing after he heard the little heartbeat, though. He started looking around, like "where is that noise coming from?" The nurse didn't count how fast the heartrate was, she just said it was "fast". She is guessing that the baby is a girl, but that's also what she guessed with Trevor!

Much to my surprise, I haven't put on not one single pound since my last visit. I weighed the same as I did 4 weeks ago. That actually makes me feel pretty good, because by this time with Trevor, I had already gained like 15 pounds. You'd think that I had put on alot of weight, though, judging by my's definitely expanding! I don't mind at all though, I just want a healthy fat baby!

Dr. Goolsby said that everything looks he would see me in 5 weeks instead of 4 weeks. He said he was doing that so that he would be seeing me right around 18 weeks. That way I don't have to wait 2 more visits for the big ultrasound....I'll get to see that sweet baby in 5 weeks! Joe and I are still torn about finding out the sex of the baby. I think we'll end up cheating because I am the most impatient person ever...I just don't think that I can wait 28 more weeks to find out! Dr. Goolsby says that his vote is for a girl, considering how different my 2 pregnancies have been. And this one is full of morning sickness and nausea, which is one of the only things that I didn't have the pleasure of experiencing with Trevor. So we shall see!

I will upload more pictures tomorrow. Right now I cannot hold my eyes open any longer!

Merry Go Round

Mi Mi is such a good sport...she was riding the merry go round with the kiddos this afternoon. That's why they love her so much!


I was shocked to wake up Sunday morning to this. It was so beautiful while it lasted. We didn't play in it much, because Trevor had a cold all weekend (and still does), so I didn't want him to get worse. He did get to throw a few snowballs with his daddy, though. That's was the devilish smile is all about on Joe's face in the picture...he had just thrown a huge snowball at me.

Busy, Busy Boys

Check out the look that Letson is giving Brady Cole in the second's priceless!

Little Stinkers

This was the first time Trevor had been around Brady Cole in forever, but I don't think it took them long to catch up. We have GOT to go to the beach very soon, so these boys can play longer!

Shelly's Tea

We went to Shelly's baby tea last Saturday, and I just realized that I got no pictures of the mommy to be! Oh well, I'm sure she doesn't mind! I did manage to get a few pictures of Rachel and I and the boys playing.

Who is that in Mommy's Spot?

This is one silly boy. This was last weekend before Joe and I went out to eat. Trevor was waiting for Mi Mi to come over, and after I was finished getting ready, this is what was in my room waiting for me. I said, "what are you doing in mommy's spot?", and this is the big grin I got from him. It's moments like this that I don't even want to leave the house without him!

Riding the Carousel with Mommy

These are some pictures from a couple of weeks ago at the Galleria. Trevor had a fit to "ride". He kept saying "I ride" when we were in the food court, so we finally "rode"! The first picture is kind of dark, but I think it's really sweet!

Too Sweet

I just love taking sleeping pictures of Trevor, because these days, they're the only pictures I can get of him being still! I just want to kiss those fat lips!