Monday, April 30, 2007

All Grown Up

My baby boy looks so grown up in this picture!

Sittin' with My Buddies

My Mommy is Crazy

That's probably what he's telling his buddy, the giraffe!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hey Man, Who are You?

We got to the beach on Friday night...after Brady had gone to bed. He woke up and this strange baby was in his house! I took these pictures Saturday morning. It didn't take them long to get re-aquainted! We had so much fun this weekend and we can't wait to go back! Thanks Auntie Rachel and Buger for letting us crash with y'all!

Little Stinker

We had so much fun laughin' at this little thing! He's got some personality I tell you! I'm lovin' his head bobbin' he does when he hears music...and his fake cough is so cute! He's gotten to be such a big boy these days!

I'm SO Tired Mom!

I forgot to post this one....he's not so sure about the beach

Trevor and Letson

These two are too cute. They were just staring and laughing at each other! It was precious. My fat man is about to catch Letson...and Letson is 7 weeks older than him!!

Our Feet

I thought this picture turned out pretty will be something we can look back on. Those feet in the middle won't be that little for too long!

Our Day at the Beach

More like our 30 minutes at the beach! Trevor did better than I thought. We got under the umbrella, and he went right to sleep. It felt so good...not hot at all with the breeze blowing. Then Trevor and Brady got a little cranky, so we packed it up and went home for a nap!

Busy Brady Cole

This little man is so busy! He is hilarious...he was crackin' me up the whole time!

Wolf Bay Lodge

Last night, we went to eat at Wolf Bay Lodge. We figured we'd take some pictures while we waited on our table. Aren't are little buddies precious? They did so good!

Me and My Buddy

I've had Enough!

This was Trevor being an angel for me at the restaurant....not such an angel at Target after we ate!

MMMM...Sweet Taters are Good!

Big boy ate him some sweet potatoes for the first time this weekend. Yep, he's probably too young, but his milk is NOT holding him over. The child eats like there's no tomorrow!

Borrowing Brady Cole's Swing

Friday, April 27, 2007

Yeah! We're Going to the Beach!!!

We are leaving for the beach as soon as Mi Mi gets home from work this afternoon! Yeah! We haven't had a vacation yet! We're sad that Daddy can't come, because he has to work all weekend. We'll take lots of pictures though! I've already been given a list of things that Trevor is not to do...."don't get him in the water, he'll get an ear infection"....whatever Daddy! Do you honestly think we're not gonna test out the water? Anyways, we can't wait to get down there and see "Auntie Rachel", Brady Cole, Letson, Shelly....and the rest of the gang! We'll post lots of cute pictures when we get back! Isn't my little helper the cutest...he's helping mommy pack!

Growing So Fast!

The top pictures are from this morning. Trevor is now 11 weeks old! The bottom pictures are from when he was 1 week old....I cannot believe how fast this baby is growing! I wish I could slow him down a bit. He doesn't even look like the same baby. These past eleven weeks have been the best weeks of my life. I love my baby so much. Every thing I do is for him, every decision I make is what's best for him. And I wouldn't have it any other way. He's the best thing that's EVER happened to me, and I know we've got so many things to experience down the road! I'm gonna soak it all up and cherish it, because my mother says that you blink and they're 20!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Welcome to the World Baby Avery!

Avery Lynn Nick
20.5 inches
Our friends Blake and Jennifer Nick had their sweet baby girl, Avery yesterday afternoon! We went to visit today...she is such a beautiful little girl! She has SO much hair! Trevor says, "Yeah! I have a little girlfriend now!" I'm sure these two will be best buddies too!

Avery and Her Mommy

This is Jenn...1 day after having a baby! She makes me sick (just kidding Jenn!) I looked like I had been hit by a truck after I had Trevor!

More Sweet Pictures

She's such a little angel!

Already Makin' His Move!

Trevor is SO excited about having a little girl around...he's already got his eye on little Avery! I don't know what her daddy is gonna think about that!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Still Lovin' the Turtles

We put the bumbo seat in the bed and turned the mobile on....he's still fascinated with the turtles! I believe he would watch them all day if I would keep winding the thing up!

Bumbo Time!

He sat in his bumbo seat for the first time this afternoon. He did a pretty good job. That head is still a little heavy for him to hold up all the time, but he's gettin' stronger every day!

Precious Boy

Trevor was hangin' out with his bear this afternoon. I love the top right picture...he's saying "hey mom"!

Friday, April 20, 2007


This picture is out of order because I forgot about it. We took this last night. His little cheeks are getting so fat!! I'm not sure if he's getting enough to eat....

Our Trip to Grandmaw's

Today we went to visit Joe's grandmother. We got to visit with Colby (Joe's little brother), cousins Caroline and Will, and Aunt Jenn. He was just laughin' at the kids. They were making animal sounds at him (I think). Whatever they were, Trevor liked them! He thought they were hilarious!

Trevor and Aunt Jenn

Trevor had just woken up and was kinda grumpy for the camera!

Shake Your Booty

This is Will, Caroline, and Colby "shaking their booty" as they were calling it! They're so silly :)

Me and My Teddy

Trevor has discovered his teddy bear, and he's pretty fond of him. I caught him talking to his teddy this morning. He's such a sweet baby!

My Hand Is So Good!

Instead of trying to suck his thumb, he said he'll suck the whole hand!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lovin' the "Nanners"

My little man loves his bananas! I know he's not old enough for them yet, but who cares? That milk is just not holdin' him over. It's on to bigger and better things...cereal and bananas! In some of these pictures you can really see his little personality. He had to stop in between bites and talk to me :)

Catchin' a Nap on Momma

I know I've made him rotten, but I just love those afternoon naps with my sweetie. He hums in his sleep (I call it singing). It's the sweetest thing to just hold him, and hear him sing.

Silly Boy!

Here lately, all this little guy does is laugh and smile! He thinks his Mi Mi is hilarious!

Monday, April 16, 2007

There's my Grin!

There's my little grin that pulls at my heart every time!

Big Boy!

Just look at my big boy sittin' up in his rocking chair! I had to keep settin' him back up because he kept falling over. My little man looks so grown in these pictures!

Don't Take the Bottle Away, Mom!

This chunkey butt thinks he can hold his own bottle now...he doesn't realize that I'm helping him out...alot! I guess he thinks someone is gonna take his bottle from him! By the looks of things, someone needs to....he's becoming such a porker! I think fat babies are precious, though!

Just A' Swingin'

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Me and My Man

I was lookin' rough today, so no face shots for me!

Action-Packed Weekend

This weekend was the first time that Trevor had been around so many people (other than the day he was born). We started on Friday night at Tricia's birthday party. Trevor got to meet alot of the people that I work with. Yesterday wasn't so busy. We just went to Mi Mi's and spent the day, because Joe and my dad went fishing...naturally! Today wore us both out. We went to Pondville to see all of my family on my mother's side. Trevor didn't know our family was that big...and he didn't even meet half of the family! He did so good though...he's gotten really laid back these days. The only time he makes a peep is when he's wantin' a bottle. Otherwise, he's a happy little fat man!!

Trevor and Lexi

This is Trevor with Lexi and her mommy and daddy (Jay and Amy). She is such a little sweetheart around Trevor. She's so gentle with him....I think she needs her a little brother!