Monday, November 08, 2010

Halloween Pictures with Lyndsey Cunningham Photography

Well, Lyndsey has done it again! She has captured some precious memories for me, and I don't know how she does it. They were so ill on this particular day, because we took them after they had been at daycare all day. You can't tell it from the pictures, though. She always does such a fabulous job, I highly recommend her!!

My Buddies!

Little Monster...

This thing is something else. He is such a handful, and I am really surprised Lyndsey got any pictures of him at all. He is NEVER still...if he's awake, I'm chasing him. He definitely makes life interesting!

My Little Dinosaur

Imagine that...Trevor wanting to be a dinosaur for Halloween!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Time to Go Home!

Andrew would go to bed at 7pm every night, so he was a little cranky by the time we were through trick or treating, which was around 7:30! He and Trevor both were worn out!

More Pictures....

Tick or Treating

Halloween Pictures

Yea! Finally an update! We have been super busy, and everyone has been sick around the Cox house. I finally feel back to normal after a battle with strep throat last week. These pictures of me are aweful, because I was sick, sick that night. I refused to stay at home, and not get to see my kids trick or treat. We didn't get to trick or treat last year, because everyone was sick. As you can see, Mr Andrew may never forgive me for his costume. I thought it was adorable, though! Of course, Trevor was a dinosaur!