Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More Pictures of Our Little Man

We have so many cute pictures of this precious boy, I don't really know which ones are my favorite. In some of these, I think he is trying to eat his hands! This was so amazing...even better than the usual ultrasounds I've been getting! I can't wait until he gets here, so I can kiss those cheeks and tell him how anxious I've been for him to get here!

I Think I See A Smile

This little man would not keep his hands away from his face! This is one of the only pictures we got of his hands down. Sweet!

Sweet Baby Boy!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Trevor. He did not want to cooperate for very long, but we stole some pics of him. Him got too tired! I do believe I see some hair in that top right corner!

Waiting for the Big Moment!

These are pictures taken right before we got to see the little guy. This is my dear friend, Kim Hydrick, and my husband. He's doing what he's best at...being silly!


Okay, so I said no more bare belly pics...so I lied! This one isn't so bad. This pic was taken on Sunday, 11/26/06 (28 weeks).

More Pictures from Trevor's Nursery

These are some pictures of Trevor's bedding that I HAD to put up this past weekend...I couldn't stand waiting! So much for the dust...I'm gonna have to wash those sheets before he gets here anyway. Also, this is the glider from my parents. Very comfy I must admit!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Nursery is Finished!

When I got home from work on Saturday, 11/4, my mother and her friend Margaret had finished the chair rail in Trevor's room. I must say, they did a wonderful job! Now we just lack the curtains, and putting up the bedding. We're also waiting on the dresser to be delivered. This room is so sweet and cute!

Just Hangin' Out in the Nursery

These are just some more pics of Joe and I, my brother Davy, and my puppy Jett!

The Last Belly Picture

Okay, the belly is getting huge! This picture was taken this past Saturday (11/4). I am 25 weeks in this pic...I promised Joe no more pics of the bare belly!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Nursery Will Be Finished Soon!

This is my precious husband trying to be a carpenter, and put up the chair rail. He's not going to be happy with me for putting this picture on the website, but I love it! Needless to say, the chair rail is still not up, but that's okay. Check out the little mobile that matches Trevor's bedding. Too cute!! I have finally bought all of the bedding and accessories that match...just waiting to put them up. I couldn't wait to put up the mobile, though! If I have a bad day, I just go in Trevor's room and wind up the mobile....it's pretty calming.

A Few Pictures from the ED Halloween Party

These are some pictures from the ED Halloween Party that we had on 10/27/06 at Judy's house. These are just a few of the people that I spend ALOT of my time with. I actually work more than I am at home. Gotta save up that bonus money for my sweet little boy!