Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We're Still Here!

Okay, it's been well over a year since my last post. ALOT has changed in that time! We have since moved out of our first home in Hueytown - hooray! Trevor and Andrew have started new schools, and I work 5 days a week. There is very little time for blogging, but I am going to try my best to catch up as fast as I can!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mad at Mommy

Andrew was not very happy with me last week. He didn't like being all bundled up, but it was soooo cold outside Friday morning. I thought his hat was rather precious, but he wasn't buying it : )

Thanksgiving Program

Trevor's 4K Thanksgiving program was last week, and I was a little saddened that I couldn't be there. Perks of working full time now, I guess. Daddy and Mi Mi got to go, so all of these pictures are courtesy of Mi Mi. I thought my little indian was too cute!

Little Indians

At Least Daddy Got to Go...

I didn't get to take off for the Thanksgiving Program (because it was 4 days after Disney on Ice), but at least Daddy got to attend : )

Me and My Buddy

Disney on Ice

This is Hunter and Trevor at Disney on Ice. We went with Trevor's K-4 class and had a blast. Of course we had to have a souvenir. He and Hunter had to have matching swords!

Halloween 2011

This year for Halloween, we went to Boo at the Zoo. Daddy works nights, so Mommy taking the boys trick or treating on a Monday night was just out of the question. We did some trick or treating at Boo at the Zoo, and they never knew the difference. And we had a ball! Love these monkeys so much!

Little Dragon

Me and My Dinosaur

I just love this little dinosaur to pieces!

Trick or Treat!

Something's Missing...

Someone does not like his diapers. Sad part is, he's not interested in potty training in the least bit. And after potty training one boy, I am not going to beat myself up over it this go around. We'll work on it when he shows interest. This happens more times than not around here. Now I have gotten smarter, so Andrew does not go to bed without pants on. Sometimes he still manages to get his diaper off. He just prefers to be free, I guess. Must be a man thing...

Hayden Fall Festival 2011

We went to the Hayden Fall Festival this year to hang out with Uncle Davy, Aunt Erin, Catherine and Abby. I must was nice, but so, so crowded. It was really cold that evening too, so we didn't stay very long. These are a few snapshots we got!

Pumpkin # 3...

Mi Mi and Paw Paw didn't have a pumpkin at their house, so we had to make them one!

Trevor and Moe Henry

Isn't that the sweetest thing? Moe is such a sweet old baby. He just turned 11...he's gettin' on up there!

Best Buddies

This was one of the first nights it got really cold outside. We bathed Jett, and he got to sleep see where he ended up, don't you?

Our Halloween Pumpkins

Trevor and I were really the only ones interested in carving the pumpkins this year. All Andrew wanted to do was throw the insides of the pumkins around, so Daddy had the job of entertaining him!

Wild Monkeys!

This is just a typical Saturday morning around our house!

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Stopping For Some Pictures

Grrrr! A Dinosaur!!

I don't think I've ever seen him as excited as he was when the dinosaur was painted on his face! He did NOT want to wash his face that night, needless to say!!

Little Stinker!

My Andrew....he is the cutest, sweetest, toughest, funniest, wildest, messiest child I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. He's a mess, but guess what? He's my mess, and I love him to pieces!!

Silly Willies!

Here's Trevor and Cat goofin' off as usual!