Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Two Mommas

These pictures are from Kelley's baby shower last weekend. Our bellies are getting so big! It's so weird to look at these pictures, because it seems like yesterday we were in highschool. Trevor and Hunter will be here soon! (I have this shirt on in every picture, because it's the only one that fits me!)
Grace, Kim, Kelley and Me!

This is Kelley, Miranda, Tricia, Me, Missy, Mandy, and Allison

Trevor's First Fishin' Outfit

I love this little's gonna be a while before he can wear this one!

I'm not sure if he has enough to wear when he gets here...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

More Nursery Pictures

Okay, I know I have been a slacker in the blogging world lately. I have not been feeling so great these past couple of weeks. I was pretty busy with work also. Now I am no longer at work, which is really sad in a way, because I'm gonna really miss "my family" at work. But it is long overdue that I start taking care of myself and my little man, that still needs to grow for a few more weeks. I'm not on "strict bed rest" or anything. I would just call it "take it easy and listen to your body" rest. So, I'm gonna try to keep this website updated so everyone can see what I'm up to. (Besides being a couch potato!) With that being said, these are just a few of the "finishing touches that I added to Trevor's room a few weeks ago. We finally got the wall hangings and curtains put up. I'm proud of his little lamp, too. Joe just says..."hmmm....too many turtles." But I love it!

Waitin' on My Little Brother

Jett can't wait for Trevor to get here. He just lays in front of his baby bed sometimes. He's such a funny dog!

The Paw Paw

This is a picture of me and my daddy on Christmas Eve. We don't have a whole lot of pictures together. I actually had to get my mother to re-take this picture several times, because he would not act right...he hates pictures! This man is my hero, and I love him so much more than he knows!

Sweet Little Lexi Grace

This is my precious little cousin Lexi Grace. This picture was taken on Christmas Eve. I've been meaning to post her on my blog for the longest. She actually came to visit us at Children's the first week of December. Lexi had been complaining of headaches for a couple of weeks. Her CT showed a mass that turned out to be a benign brain tumor. She had brain surgery on December 5th, that seemed like an eternity for our family, especially her parents, Jay and Amy (pictured above). With many thoughts and prayers from our family and friends, this little angel pulled through the surgery with no complications. She is regaining her strenth, and as you can see, she is doing wonderful. God is so good and has blessed this family so much!