Monday, November 24, 2008

One Bad Night

So, last night I decided to relieve my mom, and spend the night with Pops. For those of you who don't know, my grandfather is terminally ill, and he's just about to the point where he's needing one-on-one care. So I geared up for the night and went to stay with him. Besides, my mother is a God-send and does absolutely everything that she can for everyone around her. I felt that I owed her the duty of sitting with Pops last night.

Everything was going just dandy until about 3:30 am, when I got a frantic call from Joe. I thought "ha, now he knows the joys of waking up a 3 am to get milk". But that wasn't the case at all. In a tired voice he says, "Stace....Trevor's done fell off the bed and gashed his eye open" ---- Not the call you want to get at 3:30 in the morning when your at Pop's house, and you really don't have any "relief" to come. So, Pops was awake, and I told him what was going on. Bless his heart, all he kept saying was "just go, just go...I'll be alright until daylight."

So we headed off for visit # 2 in the past year for Mr. Trevor. Did I mention that my child takes full advantage of the fact that I work at Children's ER? I hope we have no more visits there for a while! Love working there, but don't necessarily love my child having to be a patient there! We won't even go into detail about the screaming fit he had when we put him in the papoose....and the sheet...and the aspen collar!

Poor Baby....Again!


The finished product - 6 stitches and lots of screaming!

Looks pretty good if you ask me! Thank you so much Dr. Nan and Mr. Adam for helping us out. Adam, it's becoming a trend! (Our last trip to the ER, Adam was our nurse). Even though Trevor is a handful, we sure do appreciate all of your help you guys! Maybe no one will call DHR!!! He looks like such a "rag - a - muffin" with all of his bruises and bangs all over him. He's so rough, I'm sure this won't be our last trip to the ER!

The Many Poses of Betsy....

Serious....Olan Mills pose
Sweet Pose

"Goodbye ER" pose.....
Betsy's last day to work in the ER was on Wednesday, November 19. We will miss her so much...she made some of the most painful days in the ER a little better with her crazy since of humor, and all of her imitations that she does. Betsy....there's no one else in the world quite like you. The ER will never be the same. Good luck in South Carolina, and if Ryan happens to hate his new can always come back home to the "Chiren's ER"!!


Happy Birthday Kelley!

Friday night we went to eat at Sumo for Kelley's birthday with some friends we haven't seen in forever. We had such a great time! A couple hours free of "mommy" duties, and a couple of long island teas is heavenly when you've had a long week!

More Pictures

Just being Betsy and Staci

Who knows what she just said, but evidently it was hilarious!
Beatin' the drum

Betsy doing her "dancy dance"!!

I am sure going to miss my partner in crime at work. Betsy is one of the funniest, most sarcastic people I have ever come into contact with. I hate she's having to leave us! We'll miss you girl!

Crazy Girls!

These pictures were for "old times sake", even if we did get a few funny looks from all of the folks at Sumo. We really didn't care, though. These are some of our stupid poses we used to make back in the days!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Meet the New Pup

Meet our new little girl! Finally, I have a female in the family! (2 boy cats and a boy dog...not to mention husband and son!) She is such a sweet girl. She's a Mountain Cur...(some kind of squirrel-huntin' dog) but she looks like a lab if you ask me. She has a little nubbed tail, that she's constantly waggin'. Trevor loves her too. He's always trying to pick her up by her head. He says "I hold puppy", and "STOP puppy," and "No No puppy!"
It's the cutest thing. I think they're gonna be good pals! The only problem....she has NO name! Throw out some comments for girl dog names...I need some help!

Feeling Much Better!

My little buddy is back! These are from the other night before he went to sleep, he was in one of his sweet moods. He's been singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" here lately, and I've tried to catch it on video, but I haven't been successful. I just love this little guy more than words could ever say!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Update on Trevor

Well, I took little man to see Dr. Hardwick yesterday. It was a blast, as usual. He screamed the whole entire visit, with the exception of taking a rest on my shoulder in between outbursts. Dr. Hardwick checked him for strep, and that was negative. His chest x-ray was "patchy" so he's getting treated for pneumonia. Boy, do I feel like an excellent parent. If you take your child to the doctor at the first signs of a cold, you get looked at like an me, I know. But then if you wait it out, and they get worse, you still look like an idiot....go figure. So, I am sitting at home with him today, because there's just no way I could send him to daycare. I had every intention of it yesterday....until last night that is. We pulled an all-nighter again. He still has a fever, and just CANNOT quit coughing. Not to mention the "panting" that he does after his little coughing fits. I hate that feeling when theres nothing you can do for them but just hold them. Hopefully with a few days of his antibiotics, we can kick this nastiness!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We're Still Here!

Sorry, no pictures to post. My little buddy has been sick and grumpy all week. He hasn't been in the mood to take pictures. He's had a nasty cough and a fever since Friday (that makes 6 days now), with no signs of getting any better. And not to mention, the horrible "snots". I guess we're gonna have to break down and go to the doctor tomorrow. I hate taking him to the doctor for things like this, but I've had enough. We've been taking Motrin, benedryl, and cough medicine (yes, I know cough meds for a 21 month old isn't a good idea) for almost a week now. I felt really bad tonight when we were at my parent's house and he was having one of his coughing fits, and couldn't catch his breath. My dad asked me why I haven't taken him to the doctor yet, and my reply was "they're not gonna do anything for it". My dad proceeded to inform me that I'm not a doctor, and that Trevor's had a fever for almost a week for a reason. Ummm....okay, I'm the worst mother ever. It's just that I see this every day at work, and typically we don't do anything for it. "It's viral....let it run its course....treat the symptoms...yada, yada...". So I'm gonna call Dr. Hardwick's office first thing in the morning and see if we can't figure out why Mr. Trevor isn't getting any better. Hopefully, "it's just a virus"!