Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Boys...

Here's Daddy giving Trevor his night bottle, and even Jett got in the picture. Excuse his eyes in this picture, he looks possessed. He's really a sweet lil' guy. I just thought this was a cute pic, with all three of my buddies!

Ta Daaaa!

Yes! I'm finally through with this dang tree! I always end up hating the Christmas tree by the time I'm done decorating it. I thought it turned out pretty good. Now I've got to get some presents underneath it!!

Thanksgiving Dinner at Aunt Jackie's

We went to Joe's Aunt Jackie's for a late Thanksgiving dinner today, which worked out great for me, because I had to work Thanksgiving. Aunt Jackie is Joe's mother's sister and we don't get to see her as much as we'd like. We had a good time getting to visit with them, and as you can see, Trevor had a good time getting so much attention. He was shy at first, but he warmed up pretty quick! Jackie, we had a great time, and can't wait to see you all at Christmas!!

My Sweet Boy!

He looks so grown up in this picture!

Ready for the Holidays!!

Here are some early Christmas photo shoots from my little man. We can't help it...we're pumped about Christmas this year. It's gonna be so much fun with him this year. And I know it only gets better!! I think I'm more excited than he is!! Check out his Christmas says " I ate Santa's Cookies". And his Aunt Margaret gave him the singing Elmo. He loves it!

Gettin' In To EVERYTHING!!

Trevor's New Toy

I know, I know, it's right here at Christmas, and I should've saved it for a gift, but I couldn't resist. We were at Fred's Dollar Store last night, and we came across this singing dog. He sings "If you're happy and you know it", and instead of clapping his hands, he claps his ears. Too cute! And Trevor started hyperventilating when he saw it, so we had to get it. What the heck, it was only 10 bucks. Well worth it!!

Can't Get Enough Mickey Mouse

This is his new way of watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. If he hears it coming on, off he goes to the TV...literally. I guess he wasn't close enough when he was watchin' it from the floor. I keep telling him that it's not good for his eyes, but I don't think he cares!

Friday, November 23, 2007

I Caught Him!

This is what happens when I turned my back for a minute today....into the ornaments. It's definitely gonna be tough keeping this little stinker out of the Christmas tree this year. He's just amazed at all of the ornaments and lights. Maybe we'll make it through the holidays with no major injuries! He's already trying to "pull up" on the tree...I'm afraid it's gonna tump over on him!

Mommy's Little Helper...

He just couldn't resist the bell ornaments...I think he thought they were rattles. He thought it was so funny to make them ring. He's so entertaining. I could just sit and watch him for hours!

Our New Tree

Yes...we got out in the craziness today, and went and found ourselves a new Christmas tree. We found this one at Lowe's for pretty cheap. This is no where near the finished product, but it's a start...I'll post more when I'm done with decorating it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

See My Toofies?

These really aren't good pictures of Trevor, but if you look real close, you can see his 2 bottom toofies. These are the only 2 that he's gotten so far. I know there's more to come, because he can't keep those fingers out of his mouth.

Little Monster in the Tub!

This little boy loves to be in the water. Now everytime he hears the water running, he crawls to the bathroom and wants in the tub. I can't even take a shower anymore without him banging on the shower door, wanting in!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

9 Month Check-Up

We went this morning for Trevor's 9 month check-up. Fat boy is now weighing in at 22lbs 2oz (75th percentile), and is 29 1/4 inches tall (85th percentile). He is still coughing, but he doesn't have a fever anymore. Dr. Hardwick was impressed with our big man! This was the first time that Joe has seen Trevor get his shots, and I thought that he was gonna cry with him!! Trevor did not do as well this time with the shots....he cried alot longer and wasn't as easy to console afterwards. He is doing fine now...crawling all over the place. I guess those legs don't hurt too bad. I think those shots hurt his feelings more than anything!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Who Can I Call?

Update on Mommy...

Well, let me first say that Trevor was successful with getting EVERYONE in my family sick, even my parents. I've been feeling bad since Sunday or Monday, with coughing and congestion. I didn't think anything of it until I coughed all night Monday night, and by Tuesday, I couldn't walk to the bathroom without feeling "out of breath". So I decided to take myself to the doctor today...I hate going to the doctor, I haven't been in 3 years. (other than to the OB a million times last year). When she listened to my chest, she said that it was very "tight" and that I wasn't "moving much air". I tell my patients this all of the time, but I've never had it told to me. So, for all the times I wondered what it was like for my patients to get breathing treatments, I found out today. Thank God it wasn't an hour-long neb, or I would've pulled my hair out!! I did make my chest feel better though. She never gave me a "diagnosis", but I'm assuming bronchitis, since I'm coughing my lungs up, and I feel like a 90 year old woman when I try to do something!! I've got an antibiotic, a steroid, and an inhaler to take everyday for the next five days or so. Oh well, this too shall pass!!

Much Better....

This picture was taken today. Snot-nosed or not, I love this picture. It really shows his little personality! By the looks of things, you would think he was 100% better, but not quite. We go tomorrow for his 9 month check up. I can't believe it's already been nine months!!

A Little Better...

As you can see in the bottom pictures, he's still snotty and a little worn out!! This whole sick thing has really done a number on my lil' buddy. These pictures were taken on Sunday.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Update on My Buddy....

Sorry, no pictures. We've had one heck of a weekend. Last night, we had another sleepless night. I felt so bad for him, because he just couldn't get comfortable with all of the gunk in his nose and throat. He would only sleep about 10-15 minutes at a time, and then wake up screaming, and barking like a seal. If I didn't know any better, I would've taken him to the ER!! So, I did the next best thing and called my mother. By that time, I was bawling with him. I felt so bad, because there was nothing I could do to make him understand. That is the most helpless feeling in the world. So, being the wonderful grandmother that she is, my mother came over in the middle of the night to help out. When she got to my house, Trevor and I were out on the front porch, both crying our eyes out!!! (the cold air helps the croup, for those of you who are wondering what in the world we were doing outside) He is a little better today, I just pray that tonight is better!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Guess Who is Sick....

This is my poor baby getting himself a much-needed nap. He was fine last night...we went to Outback and ate dinner, and he was fine. I put him down for bed last night, with the normal routine, and he woke up SCREAMING about 2 hours later. I knew something wasn't right when I went and got him, and he didn't go right back to sleep. Needless to say, about 2 AM he started "barking" like a seal when he coughed. Luckily, his doctor's office is open on the weekends, so as soon as 7:30 rolled around, off we went. You guessed it, he has croup, but I knew that. He was fine as soon as we got into the cold air....typical for croupers. Now he has crashed out, hopefully taking a long nap. I just hope we don't have another night like last night!!!

Jett's New Bed

Poor Jett has been living outside for the past couple of months. We decided to let him spend the night inside the past few nights, due to the cold weather. I went and got him a bed to sleep in...and wasted my money. This rotten dog decided since I won't let him sleep in the bed with us anymore, he would just sleep under our bed. Oh well....

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Is Mommy Ever Coming Home From Work?

My sweet angel has been at my parent's house all weekend. Joe was off all day Saturday, but ended up being over there most of the day. Then Trevor spent the night with Mi Mi and Paw Paw last night because Joe and I had to work, so he was over there again today. Man, good thing grandparents don't get sick of their grandkids! My mother has taken so many pictures this weekend, there was no way for me to post them all, but I tried my best. I absolutely love this picture.

Chasin' Elvis

Maybe one day he'll catch you, Elvis! Trevor is so fascinated with my parents, actually Jake's cat. Elvis is so funny. He'll let Trevor get right next to him, and then he'll run off. Trevor is getting faster every day, so Elvis better watch out!

Waiting Patiently....

Spending Some "QT" with Uncle Jake

He even does his mouth like my brother!!

Havin' a Stare-Off with Uncle Jake

So Sweet...


Trevor and His Paw Paw

Can Someone Tell Me What's So Interesting About Paw Paw's Paper?!?

I love this picture. Mi Mi said he just crawled right over to where Paw Paw keeps his paper, and picked it up. He's quite the little nosy one...

Got Curls?

My Little Daredevil

Here he is, pulling up....and then letting go!

Like My New Hat?

Just another Walmart special!