Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Have Tubes!!

Yaaay...we have tubes! I don't know why we didn't do this a year ago. Trevor was gone from us for literally 5-10 minutes when Dr. Wiatrak came in the room, and said, "How's that for quick?" Joe couldn't believe he was already done. He did say that Trevor had alot of "goop" behind his ears. He said it wasn't infected, but there was a good amount there, and that's probably why he doesn't sleep well. We were on the way home by 8:30 this morning. And guess what? My child took a 4 HOUR nap when we got home. I guess he's catching up on some sleep that he's missed out on for the past year or so!! Overall, everything went great, and I hope we are on the road to less painful ears!

Drivin' and Waitin'

This little car was also a great distraction. I like how they had so many toys for the kids to play with. It definitely takes their mind off "being at the doctor".

Waiting Patiently

He did SO good considering the last time he had anything by mouth was last night at 9:00. I was pleasantly surprised. In a way, I'm glad that we haven't gotten rid of the paci yet, because it was a life-saver this morning. I think it kept his mind off eating and drinking. Crayons are a great distraction too!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bath Time Fun....

This is my little ham when I told him to smile for the camera. He kinda smiles too much, but he's such a cutie.

Silly Boy

Curly Mohawk

Tubes Tomorrow!

First of all, let me say, excuse his hair, he had some MAJOR bed head in this picture with his Paw-Paw yesterday. We are scheduled for tubes tomorrow....YEAH!!!! The nurse anesthetist called this morning to get some pre-op info, and we have to be there at 6:15 in the morning. Please say a prayer for my little man that everything will go as planned. I know he will be fine, but I get nervous anyway. I will post some pictures hopefully tomorrow afternoon sometime. I have been such a bad blogger, but we've had alot going on this week!

Trevor and his Uncle "Jakes"

Don't ask me why, but Trevor calls my brother Jake, "Jakes". He was so glad he got to see Jake this weekend. Jake tends to spoil him, and he always gets his way with Jake, so he loves it when Jake comes home!

Cute Little Guy

Jake found this cute little baby lizard yesterday on my parent's front porch. I thought he was too cute and too little not to take a picture of! I don't think I've ever seen a lizard this tiny!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Pouring on the Charm...

This is why it's impossible to stay mad at him for too long, no matter what he does. I think all little boys have this power to make their mommies melt when they do something like this!!

Just Being Silly...

Me and my little man...notice I have to hold him down for a picture!

My Little Terd....

Don't let this sweet little innocent face fool you. This was taken last Friday.We went for an ENT visit today for our evaluation for tubes. Let's just say, I know there will be many more embarrassing moments, but this one takes the cake today. He was an angel in the waiting room, looking at the fish, and playing with the cars on table. The second we went into the room to wait on the doctor....he started this blood-curdling screaming. I'm talking about ringing your ears screaming. Not to mention throwing himself in the floor like a maniac. The whole time, I'm thinking, my child is only 18 months old....isn't this for 2 and 3 year olds? My Lord, I can't even begin to imagine what kind of tyrant he'll be at that age. And to make things even worse, he has a big bruise on his forehead, and a scraped up nose and top lip. Those poor nurses that had to listen to his screaming probably think I beat the crap out of my child!

Needless to say, by the time Dr. Wiatrak got in the room, we were both hysterical. He didn't even take the time to look in Trevor's ears. He started out by asking me all of these questions like how many ear infections he's had and how many antibiotics he's been on, and I finally said, "I really don't know I'm so crazy right now...how about too many, will that answer work?" Poor guy, he probably thought I was a psycho-path! He finally said, Okay, Dr. Hardwick sent you here because he thinks Trevor needs tubes, and I won't argue with that. He also said something like if a child has been on antibiotics more than 3 (I think that's the right number...remember, my child is screaming the whole time) times in a year for an ear infection, then they are candidates for tubes. I just laughed...that's all I could do. I told him that it took 3 antibiotics alone just to cure one of his last ear infections.

I mean, I work with sick kids on a regular basis, but let me tell you....you don't hear screaming like that come from just any child. Those are the type of patients you dread taking care of. Those are the type of patients that you beg one of your attending physicians to go and see, and get them the heck out of the ER.....QUICK! SHEESH....I was SO embarrassed! And I just think about all of the times when I said..."my child will NEVER act like that".....well, he proved me wrong today. And had we not been in public, he would've gotten the spanking of his life!

Sorry I'm rambling, but I needed to vent. Anyways, we are scheduled for tubes on August 19th.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Splash Beach...Again!

Trevor got to meet his buddy, Dylan today at Splash Beach. Dylan is 5 days older than Trevor. Dylan's mommy went to highschool with Trevor's daddy. I can't believe we haven't gotten the boys together before now. We definitely will have to plan another play day. Maybe next time we can plan something indoors, considering it felt like it was 100+ degrees outside today....sheesh!
Besides being blazing hot, it was a pretty good day. The boys seemed to have a good time. We witnessed an almost near drowning the first 5 minutes we were there. Joe was chasing Trevor (as usual) to the slide, and I was getting things situated. I saw a crowd of people around the lazy river, and sure enough, the lifeguard was pulling a toddler out of the water. Joe saw the whole thing, and was commending the lifeguards, because he said that the little boy was only under water for maybe 2 seconds. The little boy was fine, just scared to death I'm sure. Of course I wanted to run over and assess the situation, but I contained myself. I didn't want to play the "I'm a nurse" card.
Also, my child suffered a nose vs. the pavement incident at the water park. Of course he was running, and he tripped....ouch! He now has a pretty strawberry on the tip of his nose.

On the Go....

It was not easy getting pictures of these two, they were constantly moving!

Going Down the Slide!

Trevor and Dylan loved going down the slide!

Cute Kiddos!

Brayden and Catherine sure do know how to work the camera...I sure wish I could get Trevor to look at the camera and smile like this. I was amazed at Brayden, all you have to do is say, "Brayden smile" and this is what you get!!


WHOAH!!!! That's Trevor's new favorite word...everything he sees, WHOAH! These are from Friday night at Stix when the cook was making the volcano. He wasn't so sure about the flames at first, but then he started clapping and saying "WHOAH!!"

Eating at Stix

These pictures are out of order, but I forgot about them. These are from Friday night. We went to eat our favorite...Stix! These are a couple of pictures that our sweet little waitress took.


We noticed this afternoon that Trevor was awefully quiet, and this is what I discovered in the kitchen. He was helping himself to some watermelon, standing in the chair and all. He even shared with his Uncle Davy. He is such a wild child!!

And Everybody Joins In....

I'm Done!!

He's through....hands up and all. He is SUCH a stinker, he cracks me up constantly. I never know what he's gonna do next, but there's never a dull moment with this child!!