Sunday, July 29, 2007

Who Really Needs a Paci When You Got a Big Toe?

Tonight was the first time I've ever seen him actually able to reach his mouth with his feet. I can't believe I got this on camera! I think it is hilarious!

In the Rainforest

These pictures are from tonight. When I got off work, my little man was so content, just playing in the rainforest! He's always trying to rip all of the toys down. He's also starting to study EVERYTHING he touches!

My Angel

What else can I say? Is this not the sweetest picture?

Hangin' Out in the Crib

If there is one thing this child can do...he can make some facial expressions!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Boy!

This is one of the few smiles I got from him this week. He is much better today, but boy has he been a handful this week. It's got to be those mean toofies! I am so ready for those stinkin' things to break through. They have put my little man through enough anguish!! This picture is from this afternoon...I had to tickle him to get him to laugh. We are now taking pictures with Daddy's camera, and I must say, I think I like it better than my camera!!

Flintstone Feet!

Can you say "Yabba Dabba Doo"!! Poor baby...I can't even find shoes for him because the fat pads on his feet are too big! Check out those red toes....I guess it's from all of that jumpin'! He kills me how he just jumps away...on his toes! Maybe his new love for jumpin' will slim those chunkey legs down a bit!

This is More Like it Momma!!

Can you see how much happier he is when he is "on the go"? I'm in trouble when he starts crawling and walking!!

Dang it Momma...I Want Out of This Thing!!!

We are getting really tired of our boring toys....the ones that don't bounce. Case in point...the Bumbo seat. He's not a big fan anymore. This is what he does now when you put him in it. Can we say he has just a little bit of Hinton in him?!!

Laid Back Little Man...For the Moment!

My little man was pretty cooperative for these pictures earlier this morning. You like the nice stain on his onesie?....That's what happens when you sneeze with a mouthful of applesauce!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Update on Lexi

No pictures guessed it, my camera died. Oh well, I'll just have to use Joe's until I can scrape up some extra money to buy the one I want! Sweet Lexi girl did wonderful in surgery. Dr. Wellons had already prepared Jay and Amy (her parents) that she may have some motor deficits on her left side after surgery as a result of him "being more aggressive" with removing the tumor this time. Well, she showed him! After she woke from surgery she was moving BOTH arms and legs, and asking for her mommy!! She is still in the PICU tonight, but should get moved to a regular room tomorrow. Oh...the best news of all...her repeat MRI this AM showed NO EVIDENCE of the tumor!!! Yeah for Lexi! For those of you who kept her in your thoughts and prayers....THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! God is so good and He works in wonderful ways! Thanks again!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Lexi Needs Our Prayers

As most of you know, my little cousin Lexi was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in December 2006. At that time, she had surgery to remove the tumor. Since then, she has been getting repeat MRIs to track and see if the tumor is going to grow back. Unfortunately, it did. She will be having brain surgery again at 7:00 tomorrow morning at Children's Hospital. Please remember this sweet angel in your thoughts and prayers for the next few days....our family really needs it. She is the sweetest, most precious child and it kills me to watch her go through this. I am confident that God will take care of this sweet baby and her family!

On the Way Home

We went to Rachel's and did some swimming to wear him out for the ride home yesterday. This was him when we got in the last for ummm maybe 15 minutes. That was definitely the car ride from hell...4 1/2 hours of fussing. He slept for maybe 2 out of the 4 hours. The rest was crying. I made mother stop and let me buy some Benedryl....that didn't work either. We will not be making any more long trips with this little monster for a while! And to make matters worse, he's been like this since Friday. If we don't get those stinkin' toofies soon, mommy is going to pull her hair out....I mean it!!

Trevor and Letson

I wish this picture would have turned out better. These little boys were being so sweet. Trevor is bigger than Letson, which is sad, because Letson is 7 weeks older than Trevor!

More Pictures From Dinner

These are from Saturday night. We ate at a place called Lester's. It was so good. Me and Miranda got all cleaned up. The bottom picture is Brady Cole giving me some of his Cheez-its.

Gettin' All the Attention!!

Trevor did not make it to dinner Saturday night, because he wore himself out at the pool, and then REFUSED to take a nap before we went to dinner. So he got to stay at the house with Mi Mi and sleep. Brady Cole did not mind being the center of attention, though. He was so entertaining. I got a really good picture of me and Rachel, but of course you can't even see us because it's so dark (sorry Rachel :( )

That's My Hat, Uncle Jake!

Silly Uncle Jake stole Trevor's hat for a picture. What a goof ball!

Water Babies!

Trevor LOVES the pool. He would cry when I would get him out. Once again these pictures stink, but at least my video camera worked! Brady Cole is gonna be swimming by himself soon. He is definitely a water baby!

Sweet Smile

This would be one of my favorite pictures if my camera would have been acting right. I just love this little butt-crack smile he gives. Such a cutie!

My Little Beach Bum!!

These are a few of the pictures I took on the beach. There were not much to choose from all of the dark pictures I got. I thought I had some cute ones of Brady Cole and Rachel, but they're so dark, you can't make out what's in the picture. This little man DID NOT care for the beach AT ALL. I did catch a few smiles here and there. The pictures that he is smiling in, he is butt-naked. Him said it was too dang hot on that beach!!

First Swim in the Ocean!

Of course my camera went haywire when we got to the beach. I don't know if it got too hot or what...but these pictures really stink! I was so mad because this was Trevor's first time in the ocean! At least I got a good video!

Rollin' Over

These are some pictures from Mi Mi's house last week. He's a little late on the rollin' over thing, but oh well...why roll over when mommy carries you everywhere? He still hasn't rolled over for me....not interested at all!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


How many hours ago did I eat? Little man was sitting patiently while mommy actually fixed herself something to eat!

Fun in the Crib

Busy, Busy, Busy!

This child is ALWAYS grabbing at whatever is in front of him! Check out the mess he made on the changing table this morning!

Trying Our New Bath Contraption

My friend Missy let me borrow this thing that she used for her little boy in the bath. I wanted to wait until he could somewhat hold himself up before we used it, so it is definitely time! He had a blast! I just love that lil' sweet smile he flashes when he gets excited! Oh, and he's definitely found his man part...he's going to pull it right off one of these days!

Silly Goose!

I just love these cute little faces...I can't resist taking pictures!

Trying to Escape!

More Bath Pictures...

Wild Man Hair!!

I think we have found a new do!!!

My Happy Man

This was right after he ate - as you can see the nice stain on his shirt. And lots of drool. I'm waiting for those toofies to cut through any day now!


Yesterday, Hunter and Kelley came by to visit. Bless their hearts, they were so tired in these pictures. The last time Trevor visited with Hunter, he was kinda shy. But not today. Poor Hunter probably got tired of hearing him jabber. They were both about to fall asleep in these pictures, and they did as soon as we put the cameras up!

Fresh Outta the Tub!!

I've really been into taking some bathtime pictures here lately. It seems like he is more cooperative after his bath. This was yesterday before his buddy Hunter came over.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Playing With Cousin Lexi Grace

Laughing at Uncle Toby

Sunday Afternoon Visit

This afternoon we went to Pondville to visit with my mother's side of my family. Trevor really enjoyed the day, and he got to visit with his cousins he hasn't seen in a while.

ER Redneck/Mullet Party 2007

This past Friday, we had our Mullet Party at Chris Jolliffe's house. I have to say, it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Some of us really went all out. Notice the NASCAR cake, compliments of Scott Russell. Notice my friend Michelle who came barefoot and pregnant. It was a hoot! I also remember why I don't party anymore!!!!

The Hottest Couple At the Party...

This is Scott and Yvette. They were lookin' so hot in their redneck attire. They are both practically un-recognizable! I like the hunch punch stain on Scott's shirt the best....he had to keep in theme I guess!