Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First "Shiner"

This is Trevor's first official black eye. You can't really tell in the picture, but he doesn't let you take good close ups of him anymore. The other night he was spinning around in circles in the kitchen, got dizzy, and WHAM...hit the cabinet with his cheek and left eye! That's probably the hardest he's cried in quite some time. It hurt me more that it hurt him, I'm sure!

Sweet Picture...

I thought this was too cute of my little man hard at work!

Cuttin' the Grass

Boy, do I wish this thing would really cut some grass. I would have a hard worker on my hands. He loves to cut him some grass! He carries this thing around everywhere with him!

Little Miss Catherine...

This is Davy's fiance's little girl, Catherine. She is such a mess. They said that she's had this outfit on for the past couple of days. We asked her if she was getting married, and she said, "no, but my mommy is". I thought that was too cute!

Family Time

Happpy 1st Birthday Avery!

Our friends Blake and Jennifer celebrated their baby girl Avery's 1st birthday on Sunday. We had a busy weekend with all of the birthdays. Check out that bottom picture of Trevor being "Mr. Whiney". It was past our nap time!

Happy Birthday Jake!!

So my baby brother turned the "big 2-1" this past week, so Joe and I took him out for a night out in Birmingham. We only went to one place called the Rare Martini. I think Jake had a good time. He was so proud that he could finally get in somewhere. We were joking with the guy at the door, telling him he needed to really check Jake's ID, but he didn't find it too funny. We got a late start, so we called it a night after we left there. I had to be the reponsible one, but I had a good time watching Jake and Joe. I even ran into some of my buds there. I really don't see how people go out all of the time though. I just can't stay awake that late anymore!

Helping Mi Mi

This boy loves the hose pipe. He would stay in the water if I'd let him. Needless to say, we had to go straight to the bath tub after this. He was soaking wet, muddy, and lovin' every minute of it!!

I'm Not Spoiled....

I like this shirt....it says "My grandparents don't spoil me, they're just very accomodating". Hmmm.... I think he's just spoiled rotten.

And Another Day at the Park...

This child definitely LOVES to be outside. This is just another one of our many trips to the park. Now that it's getting warmer outside, I have a feeling I will be spending alot of my time here.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Playing Again...

We went and played with Brady Cole again on the way home yesterday. At least my son was nicer this time. I think because we were at Brady's house, and he knew better. We had a good time, but we are SOOO tired. I have to work tonight, so we are just being lazy today.

The Ceremony

The wedding was so pretty. All of the colors looked so good. Notice my son during the ceremony. He would scream everytime I'd pick him up, so I just let him play in the sand!

Here Comes the Bride!

Tamara looked absolutely gorgeous, as usual!

The Reception

I did wear a dress to the wedding, but those stinkin' sand fleas/knats were biting so bad, I had to go put some pants on after the ceremony. These are just a few snapshots from the reception. We had such a good time. I had to make Jake and Tara take me home at 11:00 that night. I don't know what time they finally came draggin' in!

Papa Rocco's

Friday night, Rachel didn't get off work until 8:30, so we decided to meet her at Papa Rocco's for some food and drinks. We had a good time at our "old stompin' ground". Things sure have changed alot. We hung out here all of the time when we lived in Gulf Shores the summer of 2002. We just kept laughing and saying "we used to hang out here every night." Then some drunk obnoxious guy came in, and we said, "yep, and that used to be us!"

Can I just say that taking a 14 month old to the beach by yourself is a very brave move. That's why I don't have many pictures from the beach...I was running the whold time. My mother and brother were doing "wedding stuff" on Friday, so Trevor and I decided to venture off to the beach...another bad idea. He did LOVE the sand and water, though. He managed to scare the mess out of me...he ran straight to the water. Even though I had his arm, the water was so rough, a good wave got him....and splat...he skidded across the sand. Then the ER nurse in me kicked in, and I jerked him up so fast. That water was so bad, it could've easily carried him back out into the ocean....but I don't want to even go there! That's why in half of these pictures his arms look so red, because he had just done a "wipe-out"!

More Pictures from the Beach...

Playing at the Park with Brady Cole

We got up Friday morning and met Brady Cole and Rachel at the Gulf Shores Park. I think the boys had a good time. Can I just say that my son is mean...every time that Brady would get close to him, he would hold up his fists and grunt really loud...and then get popped by his momma. This went on for about 20 minutes. Brady would just point to him and say "mean". That's right...he's mean. I don't know where he gets it from. I guess it's just a phase he's going through. That's what Rachel says at least. Then he just got hot and cranky, so we decided to take it back to the house for a nap.

No Close Ups

This usually what happens these days when I try to get a cute close up of us. He swats at me, and then laughs about it. Little terd...he's probably saying, "mom just put me down and let me run...I'm tired of all these pictures!"

Checkin' Out the Bay

These are pictures from our first evening at the beach. I was showing him the water, and I think that I made a mistake, because this child has NO fear. He would've just toppled out into the water if I would've get go of his hand.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

First Hair Cut

I know, I know...it was WAY past time for a hair cut. I finally did it today. We have a wedding to attend this weekend, so he needed to be "spiffied" up a bit. He was so happy...and then Karen whipped out those scissors. He wasn't too fond of getting the hair cut, but we managed to pull through with a decent looking "do".

And After!!

I couldn't bring myself to cut ALL of the curls off, but the woman that cuts my hair assured me that he doesn't just have "baby curls". She said he definitely has naturally curly hair. Notice the red face...that's because I had to put the smack down on him and hold him still. He kept clinching his fists and grunting at this poor lady! He's is such a terd-butt! He does look like an official "toddler" now! Kinda sad....


Well, I think I have a solution to my child care dilemma. I work with a precious, precious girl named Stacey Varden. She is going back to nurse practitioner school and will not be able to get as many hours in the ER. She told me on Monday morning that she would be able to keep Trevor on the Wednesday and Thurday of my work week. I was so happy I just wanted to pop! This couldn't be more perfect....and I couldn't ask for a nicer individual to take care of my son. I am so very excited! Joe doesn't start his new shift until May, so we still have some time. All I can say is...Stacey, get ready! This little man is a handful!

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Hello to all of my blogger friends. Well, I have been pretty lucky the past 14 months. You see, I haven't had to technically put my child in daycare yet. My husband also works 12's, so luckily, depending on his schedule, we only needed someone 1-2 days every other week. I was informed the other day that he would start working 8hr shifts, 5 days a week. So that means no more "Daddy-daycare". I only work every other week, and I work 12 hour shifts. So I really only need someone to keep Trevor 3 days EVERY OTHER WEEK. I think that it would be absolutely ridiculous for me to have to pay that dreaded $400 + a month for only 3-4 days every other week. SO, I have to manage to find my child a daycare, or someone to keep him by MAY 12...short notice, huh? I have been using Near and Dear at Children's Hospital (for employee's children) up until now. But you're only allowed 35 days of care per year (it's considered temporary care). I can continue to use them until my days run out, so that will buy me a few months.

With that being said....

Does ANYONE out there know of a daycare, or an individual at that, that lets you pay them by the amount of days you use, not just a flat fee for the whole month? I am really stressing out about this....I am desperate! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I need help!

I've thought about just quitting my job, so that I could stay at home with him....HAH just kidding....that'll never happen! It's nice to dream about it though!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Two of My Favorite Guys

This is a picture of my dad and my brother when they went fishing last Friday. Those of you who know my dad, know that he is crazy about some fishin'! My brother's girlfriend Tara took these pictures and I think they are hilarious. Jake always "pokes fun" of my dad when he's driving the boat, because he always has a serious look on his face. What Jake doesn't realize, is that the older he gets, the more he is starting to look like my dad!! I love these guys!

Guess What?

Trevor has ANOTHER ear infection! I am really at my wits end with these stinkin' ear infections! I think we caught this one early, because he doesn't really act like he feels that bad. He's just been fussy at night and pulling at his ears, so I wasn't wasting any time! We had to see Dr. Stone again yesterday, because Trevor always decides to get sick when Dr. Hardwick is not there. Dr. Stone said that he definitely qualifies for tubes, but he said that ENTs are really "conservative" this time of year, meaning that it's not likely that they'll want him to have them. Something with the weather warming up, children tend not to get ear infections as much. So we'll wait and see...AGAIN! Hee asked me how I felt, and I said I don't care one way or another....I just want what's best for my baby. And his poor ears hurt!! He said that he was tired of living off Tylenol, Motrin, Auralgan, and worst of all...the butt-reddening Augmentin!!