Sunday, February 15, 2009

Birthday Pictures...Finally!

Well, here are pictures from Trevor's birthday, finally. My camera wasn't broke after all, it was just the cheap batteries that Joe bought! (Thank the Lord!) It was a perfect day for an outside party. I mean, when will there be another February 8th with a high of 70?

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Boy!

Dippin' In

This was Trevor's "Cars" cake, and the first picture is of him dippin' into the cake before we sang to him. He was just interested in the car on the cake!

Just Waitin'

I thought this was the cutest was before anyone got to the park. He's just sitting there, waiting patiently!

Just some Snapshots


You can tell by the look on his face that he was having a ball going down the slide....over...and over....and over again! I wish that I had half of the energy that this little booger has!

Blowin" Bubbles

This boy is OBSESSED with blowing bubbles these days. Of course, he is an independent little toddler, so he tries to blow the things himself, and ends up wearing half of the container of bubbles! His shirt was basically blue by the time he got threw with them!

My Baby is Growing Up!


My, what difference a year makes! I still can't believe that I have a 2 year old. He's starting to look so grown up. I wish I could keep him this little forever (temper tantrums aside), but I know he's gonna keep on growing up. My mother says I'll still feel that way when he's 18!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Trevor!!!

Well, it's official....we have a 2 year old! I cannot believe my baby is 2.....where have the past 2 years gone? I know time flies when you're having fun, but geeez! We had him a little party for the family at the park today, and it was a perfect day. The weather was so nice. But wouldn't you camera decides to play games. About 10 pictures into the day, it turns off, and says "change the batteries". I change the batteries, it still says "change the batteries" and won't turn on. Tomorrow I'm going to buy some lithium batteries, and see if it likes those, and if not, off to Best Buy we shall go....I haven't even had the dern thing a year! pictures tonight, and not alot of pictures anyway, but I will post them as soon as I can! Who knows...I may have a different camera by tomorrow! I hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New Addition Update

Well, we went for our first appointment for new baby Cox today. Baby is measuring 8wks 1 day, and his/her heart rate was 167. It's so amazing how their little heart is just a' beatin', but their body looks like a little blob when they're this little. So our due date is September 16. Everything looks great so far. I'm going to try to scan my ultrasound later and post it. Hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Update Finally!

Well, it's long over due for an update, so I've been at the computer for almost 2 hours! Lots has gone on since the last time I updated. My baby boy will be 2 in 5 days, I cannot believe it. It seems like yesterday, I was bringing him home from the hospital. I also can't believe I get to do it all over again in September!

This pregnancy is already so different from Trevor's, it is unreal. I said in my last post that I haven't been tired, but that's changed over the past 4 weeks. I can't even sit down without dozing off it seems. I've also been VERY nauseated and sick to my stomach, which I was not with Trevor. But I can say that I am much more pleasant to be around (I think) than I was with Trevor! I am so happy this go around!

Trevor is growing so fast, and is doing something new everyday it seems. He has a very long vocabulary for a 2 year old (in my opinion). He can say just about anything he hears you say, or at least tries. He is a little parrot, though, and will repeat bad words if he hears them. Mommy is doing alot better with her swearing, but I'm not perfect by no means!

We've had no luck in the potty training, though. I think he's getting ready to be ready, but not quite. He's curious about the toilet, and loves to flush it, but he's confused about what to do once I sit him on it. He starts screaming "Mommy getchu!!!" That's what he says when he wants me to get him. He's such a stinker, but he's my stinker and I don't know what I'd do without him. I just love him to pieces!

Me and Carlyn

This is Carlyn Duncan. I haven't seen her since before Trevor was born, so it was long over due for us to hang out. Her husband, Robbie went to highschool with Joe, and they were room mates in college...and from my understanding were some pretty rowdy boys. I always tease Joe that if I would've hung out with him in college, I definitely don't think we would be married now! Anyways it was Carlyn's birthday, so we went bowling, and had a blast!

Braggin' a Little!

We went bowling with a bunch of friends Saturday night, and I must say, I did pretty well. This picture was going into our third game. I was giving Joe and Robbie you know what because not only were they getting beat by a woman, but by a pregnant woman. Maybe my being the only one completely sober all night had something to do with it as well. Oh well, it was fun torturing them! I paid dearly for bowling 4 games Sunday morning, because I couldn't move I was so sore!

Me and My Hubby!

I thought this picture turned out cute, even if Joe's face is beet red! He had been on the river all day, and was a little wind and sun burned. I told him he looked like a drunk with his red face and all, but he is as sober as an ox in this picture!

More pictures with Paw Paw....

Here he is knawing on some deer jerky that Uncle Jakes made. I swear, he would eat a terd if he saw you eating one. He will eat anything, or at least try it once. My dad says that I was exactly like that when I was a toddler. I wanted whatever he was eating. He said he used to put hot sauce on his shrimp to keep me from wanting it, and guess what....I liked it even more!

Trevor and Paw Paw

Trevor is so crazy about his Paw Paw. It's so funny now, when we pull up at my parent's house, he runs up the sidewalk yelling "I comin' Paw Paw!!"

Me and My Buddy!

Well, I can't crop this picture, and it drives me nuts, but I don't have time to wait on Picasa it just my computer, or does it seem like it takes 2 days to create a collage these days? Ever since it updated itself to Picasa 3, it stinks...and takes too long. It used to just take seconds to crop a picture and post it, but not now...same thing with uploading them. That's part of the reason I don't update as often...I don't have enough hours in the day to wait on stupid Picasa!

However, I do love this picture of me and my little man, and it's one of the few I have of me and him where he's actually looking and smiling at the camera...chocolate face and all!

Eatin' Jake's Milkshake

You cannot eat any kind of ice cream around this child, because he will be right there like a little baby bird, begging for a bite. This was last week, he was gettin' after Jake's chocolate milkshake!

What Mommy?

I know this child gets so tired of the camera always being in his face!

Kennedy Michelle Overby

Just look how sweet this little angel is. I was so excited to get to meet her! I'd been talking to her the whole time her mommy was pregnant! I can't believe she's 4 weeks old, and I'm just now posting this!

My Sweetie...

After eating lunch with our friends from work, we went to visit Miss Kennedy Michelle Overby. I made Trevor stay in his stroller, but he did so good. I was holding Kennedy, and he said, "mommy, I hold baby", with his little arms held out. At least I know he'll be interested in our new addition!


These pictures are from about 4 weeks ago when we went to eat with some friends from work. These 2 stinkers had a good time, and kept everyone entertained.


This is "mon-ser". Trevor went through a phase a few weeks ago where we could not leave the house without him. Thankfully, he's eased up on that a little, and mon-ser doesn't have to go EVERYWHERE with us anymore. I just had to take a picture of him to remember Trevor's obsession with him!