Friday, August 13, 2010

11 Months Old : (

Can someone please slow the time down!! Dang! Is my baby boy really about to be a year old? It was literally last week when I had him! He is the sweetest angel ever. He is the most laid back baby I've ever been around. He has his moments(not many), but every child does. I am so very blessed to have such a good natured little man, and I thank God for him daily! He is crawling...very fast, and pulling up on everything. He is cruising now, and will let go occasionally, but he just grins, and eases himself down to the ground. No steps on his own just yet....and I'm just fine with that. I have a feeling it will be any day now, though.
He is not sleeping through the night, but Trevor didn't until he was 2 1/2, so I'm praying he doesn't decide to do the same thing. He usually only wakes up once, and I'll take that. He can say "Ma Ma" Da Da" and "ba ba" occasionally. He can also say "HEY". I don't think he realizes that he's saying it, though. His favorite word by far is DA DA DA! He is so amazing, and he keeps me smiling constantly!

Oh Trevor!

So goofy!

We had a sick day this past week. I took him to the doctor Monday, and they actually treated him for croup(because he had stridor and a sore throat). His strep test was negative, but the culture grew positive. So he had to get a shot on Tuesday. They wanted him to do 10 days of antibiotics, but this momma knows better. Shot = next day you're better. 10 days of abx = you're better in about 3 days, diarrhea, and you usually end up wearing most of the med, because your child despises taking medicine. Yep, we went with the shot!

We Found a Ball!!

Oh's a lemon! But who cares? It was somewhat round, and Andrew was lovin' throwing it around. That's definitely his most favorite thing to do. Chase a ball around...for hours! He's pretty much content if he finds something that will roll!


When Can I Get Out, Momma?

Poor baby! He just hangs in there, strolling around in the stroller. He's such an easy going little fella. I know he was wanting to jump out of his stoller, and toddle after big brother. I love the pictures of him looking at himself in the mirror...he kept yelling "HEY!"

Dinosaurs at McWane!

Trevor loves to go to the McWane center to see what else?....DINOSAURS! We really have an unhealthy obsession with these creatures. Check out the look on his face in that first pic....he absolutely loves them!

My Husband, the Go Cart Racer!

Ha Ha Ha!....I just had to post these of Joe. Two weekends ago, he raced go carts for the first time, and it was, experience. He wasn't that great, and actually crashed a few times. One time he went off in the kudzoo (spelling?) but he hung in there!! It was too funny!

Riding in the Car

These are from a couple weeks ago, we were headed to Aunt Becky's to swim. The boys absolutely love going over there, and as you can see....Trevor is so excited, he didn't even want to put his clothes on!