Monday, April 19, 2010

Andrew and Paw Paw

Water, Water, Water!

Can you tell what our favorite part of the zoo is?

The Rhinos

These are the only pictures of the boys I have, where they were actually still for more than a minute. These poor Rhinos were just minding their own business, being lazy, when out of no where, I heard a loud "thump". A boy that appeared to be about 10 pegged one of the Rhinos with a rock. He jumped and for a minute I thought he was going to charge!!

It Doesn't Get Much Better...

than this! I love these babies sooooo very much, it hurts my heart! Since I had Andrew, I only work part time now....which means no weekends. I absolutely love getting to hang out with my boys most of the time, and enjoy the weekends off. Believe me, it was a large cut in pay...but money can't buy memories....and that's what I'm having a ball doing...making memories!

Look at This....

This is one other time we went for a ride in Daddy's boat....look at my baby!!! Looking back on pictures makes me realize how big he is getting....they grow up way, way too fast! He was about 15 or 16 months here.

My Big Boy

In Daddy's Boat

It's been so pretty lately, we haven't let Daddy escape to the river without us tagging along. These were taken last Sunday, we went for a ride after church. It was so relaxing, and the boys loved it! We went again Saturday (big surprise, b/c that's usually Daddy's "big boy" fishing day), but we have no pictures!

I Want to Play, Too!

Poor baby Andrew...he wants to get up and go these days, but he's just not big enough. For now, he's just happy watching all of the big kiddos go!

Play Ball!

Last weekend, we went to watch Will play ball. While the boys were warming up, Joe's dad took Trevor out on the field to throw the ball around, too. He loved it, and he keeps saying that he wants to play. So next season he will be old enough, we'll see then. I'm not going to push him to participate in anything that he doesn't want to do. So if he keeps asking, looks like I will be hanging out at the ballpark alot this time next year!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Me and Little Bucket O'Love....

Here's some pictures of Andrew and me....he is my sweet, fat little man!! I keep saying that I am DONE with having kids, but that's so hard to say when you have a baby that is SO HAPPY and SO GOOD all of the time. He never cries unless he is tired or hungry. He just sits back and takes everything in. He is such a joy to be around. He is hard to hold, because he is SO super busy, but he is the best baby I could possibly ask for!!

Andrew and Daddy

Daddy hates pictures....isn't it obvious?!?

Andrew and Pam

On the Go....

More Easter!

Here's Trevor with Colby, Will, and Caroline. I can't believe they were all looking!! I just wish Baby Andrew was in it!

Easter 2010

I hate that we did not get a picture as a family...but Trevor could not be caught! He was worried about finding those eggs! Little Andrew just sat and watched them all....I know he was wishing that he was right in the middle of it all!

Uncle Jayson is So Funny!!

Happy Anniversary!

April 2 was our 5 year anniversary. We went to eat at the Bright Star (where else?), and then took a trip to Walmart. Woooohooo! I can't believe it's already been 5 years that we've been married. Sometimes it feels like 20 years already, but hey, we've been through alot together!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Today was a Great Day!!

Just being Trevor....

Precious, Precious "Andry"

I had to take a picture of his fat little it!

He wanted to get out there and play with brother so bad!

Mommy, I'm "sweepy"!

Today was an amazing day. Honestly, it was simple, and it didn't cost a dime. My babies and I played outside for the first part of the morning, blowing bubbles and coloring (or you may want to call it body art....see my earlier posts!). Then we took ourselves to the park, and had a ball. Trevor met him a little buddy, and they played their hearts out. Andrew just sat back and watched it all. It just goes to show you that the most wonderful things in life are free. Life has been pretty hectic around the Cox household, and I think today did me ALOT of good, just sitting back and watching my babies laugh and play. It's amazing how much something so simple as a bubble can bring so much joy to a little one's heart. I love these little boys so very much, and I feel so blessed that God chose me to be their Mommy! Life is good!


My angel baby is sitting, watching, and taking it all in. He was so good....never made a peep. A lady asked me if he was always this good, and I have to admit...he is. Except for at night.... ; )

Growing Up

"I picked you a 'brutiful' flower, Mommy!"

These are just some snap shots of my little man. He is getting so big, and can do so much. I just sat back and took it all in for a while!

Always Up to Something!

Just look at that sneaky little smirk.....I see that look at least 987 times a day!!

Dinosaur Tatoos!

"Strong Neck"

"T-Rex and Strong Neck"

"T-Rex, Strong Neck, and Stegosaurus"

I really hope I didn't start something....but I had to join in the fun, too! After he'd drawn all over himself, I thought....heck with it, let's have some fun. He kept telling me to draw dinosaurs on him, so I did. Here is my awesome artwork....I'm thinking about opening my own tatoo parlor, for those of you who want some of my awesome work!!