Saturday, October 31, 2009

Harvest Festival 2009

This year for Halloween, we went to the Harvest Festival at Crossroad Baptist Church. We had a really good time. We aren't Trick or Treating tonight, due to our whole family being sick. Baby Andrew is the only one it hasn't gotten yet, and I'm praying it doesn't! I feel better today, but I can't talk! Joe is the one that started this mess on Monday, and now he's sick with it again!

Making a Cookie

...or decorating a cookie, rather. He loved putting the chocolate chips and sprinkles on his cookie. I'm not sure why he went for the purple icing, but oh well. I don't even think he realized he could eat it until Joe told him to!

Boys Will be Boys...

Allison and I wanted a cute picture of us and our boys...but we didn't get what we wanted this time....they weren't having it!

Pouting at its Best...

This child knows how to pull the "poor pitiful me" card. He got over it pretty quick with a nap in Daddy's truck!

Oh So Tired...

This was shortly after the pouting episode....and he always tries to say he's not tired!

Cute Little Dinosaur

Me and My Angel...

So I realized today that I really don't have any pictures with Andrew...except for the professional pictures we had here we are!

The Dinosaur and the Dragon...

Just look at my precious babies! We had to go by Mi Mi's and let her see them in their costumes!


This is Mr. Andrew's new nickname around the's what I've started calling him. I think he's earned the name well, don't you?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Elvis Givin' Some Lovin'

Elvis had to get in on the action, too. He is the sweetest and fattest kitty I know. And he loves babies. He used to let Trevor just lay all over him. Now Trevor can't stand him...poor guy. Trevor saw this, and quickly ran over and "shooed" Elvis away! He told him "no no cat"..."get away from Baby Andry!!"

Andrew, "Jakes" and Haley

In Da's Boots...

I swear this one is becoming a spitting image of Joe Cox the older he gets! Too bad he still acts like a Hinton, though!

Is He Really 6 Weeks Old?

It just seems like this little guy is enormous compared to other 6 weekers. Maybe it's just me, but he's a big 'un!

Feeding Baby Brother

Okay...I know it's been a while, but it is so hard to find the time to blog and take care of 2 kiddos! Jennifer day I will be as good as you are!! =)

Here are my babies one day last week before we went to the park!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beautiful Boy

My mommy hasn't been feeding me.....can't you tell I've missed some meals? Yeah, right....check out that double chin!

My mommy's not the only one that's losing her hair....I've got a receding hairline!

It's oh so hard being a baby!

Sorry about the same picture twice!

Saturday Morning Laziness....

Here's my sweet babies watching some Nick Jr. I think Andrew is gonna be like big brother and love some cartoons!

Awesome Big Brother...

One crazy day last week, when Staci was about to pull her hair out, and realized....Hmmm, I have not used the restroom today. So a bottle was made for Baby Andrew, sat on the end table, and off the the potty she dashed, just prior to feeding her screaming infant..........All of a sudden, the screaming stops, so she sneaks into the living room, and this is what she found.....
Trevor: (giving me that look like "don't spank my butt, please")... "Mommy, baby Andry was cwying, he want his milk"
Me: (in tears due to the insanity I was feeling 5 minutes prior) "Oh, sweet heart you are such a good big brother, what would baby Andrew do without you?"
Just makes you realize just how simple life really is to a 2 year old...he's crying...just feed him, duh Mommy!

Not a Happy Camper...

Mommy...PLEASE stop taking pictures and HOLD ME!!!
"I think I could make a run for it"

Poor angel baby had a very rotten week last week. We are done with breast feeding - don't ask - I'm just not a very good candidate for breast feeding, I guess. Anyways, chunky man's belly has not been feeling very well, getting used to strictly formula and all, so needless to say he's had to be held CONSTANTLY...or else. I have felt like I am going to lose my mind the past week. Trevor did the same thing, but it seems worse this go around I guess because now I have 2 little guys screaming at me! Trevor had to end up going on the most expensive formula know to man....however, Andrew has improved tremendously over the past couple of days....THANK YOU JESUS!! And thank you gas drops! I think we've turned the corner and are on our way to some rest, and now mommy can actually get some house work and blogging done...not to mention actually shower before the sun goes down!!

Andrew and Aunt Judy

Last week, Joe's Aunt Judy and Aunt Jackie came to visit us. We really enjoyed their company. We kind of had a rough week last week, so it was a treat to have them over!

Sweet Boys

Every time I decide to take some pictures of Andrew, Mr. Trevor is right there, willing to get his taken too!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

1 Month Old...Already?

Can I just say that it doesn't feel right that my baby boy is already one month old today! Time seems to fly even faster with your second baby. The past month has been absolutely wonderful. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely challenging with 2...and I have my days where I feel like a crazy person! But overall, I'm adjusting, and learning every day. I am so thankful that Trevor is so good with Andrew...and he tries his best to help out, but you know how help from a 2 year old is!

My Growing Boy

Mom...get the camera out of my face!
A half-way smile!

I'm not fat...I'm long!

Big un' here isn't really that chunky, he's just long. Check out those feet! He's definitely growing like he's supposed to. He's got a chunky little face, though, and I love it!!

Getting Closer...

Davy and Erin are getting closer and closer to meeting Baby Abigail. Davy has been practicing with Baby Andrew. I can't believe by Christmas, we will have 2 sweet little babies in the family to spoil! By the way...Erin is 29 weeks pregnant in this picture, and makes me sick. She's one of those cute little pregnant women that we big girls envy so much!! She just has a little soccer ball for a belly!


These 2 got quiet for a little least they were brushing their teeth! The question is with who's toothbrushes? Sorry Uncle Jake!