Monday, March 15, 2010

On the Move....

or so he wishes! He watches every inch his big brother makes, and I know he was wishing he could be tagging along right there with him! He will be crawling before long....I just can't believe how fast he is growing!

"Trevor...Open Your Eyes!"

Whenever he smiles, he always squints so much, you can't even see his eyes. So for this picture, he said "cheese" like always, and grinned that fake little smile, and I said, "Open your eyes!"....this is what I got.....Boys, what can I say?

You Want Me to Eat THAT....

Come on've got to be kidding me! I just love his little expressions! He meant that he wasn't eating that sorry excuse for food that they call Gerber's 1st foods! Oh well, maybe next time... : )

Sweet Baby Boy!

This sweet little man is not a big fan of the baby food at all. Anytime he smells real food, he throws a fit, like he's wanting to eat....but he is not loving Gerber's baby food! I can't wait until he gets him some teeth, so he can just eat table food...that's what he wants anyway!

Tired Boy...

This is what happens when Trevor plays hard all day...and doesn't take a nap. Actually, he has never fallen asleep while eating before, that's why I had to break out the camera. This is classic...asleep with his WHOLE hand in the bowl of Easy Mac! And he didn't even wake up on the transfer from the kitchen to the bedroom. Now that is one tired little man!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

6 Months Already!

I CANNOT believe that my baby boy is already 6 months old time sure does fly! The past 6 months have been super busy, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. Andrew is an absolute blessing! He is one of the happiest, most content babies I've ever been around...and I'm not just saying that because he's my son...he really is. He is almost able to sit up by himself...he starts getting tired, and will flop over. He can roll all over the place....if he wants to. He's pretty tubby, so rolling over is hard work for him! He still doesn't have any toofies, but I think we'll be getting one or two on the bottom any day now. He loves, loves his big brother Trevor, and watches every move he makes. I know once he is able to crawl, he will be right under big brother...I don't know if I'm ready for that yet... : ) He is not a big fan of solids yet, but we're working on that. He is obviously getting what he needs from formula!!

He had his 6 month appointment on Monday, and he weighed in at 19lbs 11.5 oz, and was 27.5 inches tall....he's a big 'un! Dr. Hardwick said he is perfect, and I would have to agree...we are so BLESSED! He did get 6, yes 6 shots in his poor thunder thighs....oooouuuucccchhh! I wanted to cry with him, and Trevor did! He didn't even cry when the nurse pricked his little finger, though! He's my little tough trooper!

Friday, March 05, 2010


Here's Trevor and his T-Rex that he got for his birthday. He wouldn't have anything to do with him when he first got him, and the thing actually scared him so bad, he would cry. One morning, I'd had enough....he kept crying about that blasted thing, so I took him and chunked him outside. Well, that made matters worse, because he only cried worse. As you can see, T-rex survived my mommy outburst, and they are the best of friends now... : )

Is this Over Yet?

This first picture is for those of you who ask me if Baby Andrew ever you go. It never lasts too long, but he can throw a fit as well. I love the second picture of him peeking through the rails of the bed at me...he's a tired boy!

He could reach out and grab something with these toes of his!!

My Angel...

I sure hope he decides to stay this sweet!

My Babies....

Well, here's my attempt at getting both boys together for a picture...Andrew's naked, and Trevor's in some pajamas that don't even go together (you can tell his Daddy bathed and dressed him last night... : ) )

Couldn't You Just Eat Him Up?

Little Ray of Sunshine...

I always call Andrew my little sunshine, because he is so smiley. I've taken alot of pictures of him over the last few days, because I know pretty soon, I won't be able to catch him. Once he is mobile, he is going to be right behind Trevor, getting into EVERYTHING. I don't have nearly as many pictures of Trevor this week, because he is not loving the poor Andrew has to endure all of the flashes! I'm sure Trevor is relieved that there's someone to share the camera time with now!

My Big Boy...

My Happy Boy!

Sitting up like a big boy

Uhh...ohhh...he fell down!

Andrew is growing up waaaaay too fast for me. I cannot believe that he will be 6 MONTHS old next week. That just blows my mind. He is the sweetest, most gentle-hearted child. He just smiles at everything, and looks around...he is the nosy one. He just sits back, and takes everything in. It takes alot to make him mad, but he can throw a fit with the best of them....but he just sits back and lets brother throw most of the fits around here!!

Reading Books