Sunday, December 28, 2008

So I finally updated our blog...I must say it's been a while...for me that is. I'm usually not this much of a slacker in the blogging world, but we've been really busy with the holidays and all. I will post some Christmas pictures tomorrow. I also have some pretty funny pics of our ER Christmas party. Don't worry for those of you who were there...I will NOT be posting half of them! I have just finished working my 3rd 12 hr this weekend and it was chaotic in the "Chi-ren's ER" to say the least! I AM BEAT!

The Polar Express

We went to ride on the Polar Express on Dec. 7th and it was fun times. I wouldn't recommend taking a 22 month old who didn't get a nap on the 8:00 pm train ride, however! Of course, he was not diggin' Santa, so I decided to be a kid myself and have my photo taken with ole Saint Nick!

More pics...

So, he wasn't so thrilled about the man punching his ticket (like in the movie), but he did enjoy seeing all of the lights at the "North Pole".

Trevor and Haley

This is Haley...AKA "Kaley". Trevor has renamed her, as he does everyone. Haley is Jake's...well, I really don't know. All I know is she is precious and has the best personality, and she makes Jake behave...well, half of the time! Poor thing, she tagged along with us that night and got a taste of Trevor's little tantrums that he throws when you make him sit still!

Uncle "Jakes"

Just being Jake....
Trevor was lovin' his ride on Jake's shoulders

These guys are 2 peas in a pod....

Train Whistle

Of course, Mi Mi had to invest in a train whistle while we were waiting on the train. He's still not quite mastered the skill of blowing the thing. He puts his whole mouth on it, and make this high-pitched sound, as if he's actually blowing it. It's the cutest thing!

More from the Polar Express

Me and Haley (Kaley)....
at least that what Trevor calls her!
He's into these trains lately...

This is while we were waiting to board the Polar Express. It was extremely too cold to wait outside!


Gotta love those cheesy smiles!

Our Tree

Well, here she is...our Christmas Tree! She looked lovely, that is before my son got his hands on her. Those of you with toddlers know how much fun a Christmas tree're constantly saying "NO"! Now only half of the lights work on the bottom side....that is after Mr Trevor took a tuble into it, warping one of the limbs. He just jumped up and said "Uh oh, Mommy!" We managed to come away with only 4 broken glass ornaments this year. All of the sentimental ones were strategically placed up top!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Picture Tag

Allison Scoggins tagged me, so here is my picture! It just so happens that my 4th folder was Trevor's 12 week pictures. And looking back, I must say this little man was anything but little....he's got some fat rolls on those arms. This is not my favorite one, but it was the 4th one, and I had to stick to the rules. I just can't believe how big he is now. He is just growing up too fast!

Here are the rules.....

1. Go to the 4th folder where your pics are stored....

2. Go to the 4th picture in the 4th folder.....

3. That's the picture you post, and explain it.....Tag 4 more people

I'm tagging Rachel Harrison, Jenn Wright, Kelley Syx, and Miranda Spurlin!!

P.S. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've been extremely busy with the holidays, and my computer is a piece, so more pictures to come one day!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Pictures with Kim

Well, I got my pictures back from Kim this afternoon. Of course, I love all of them, but here are a few of my favorites. I have to save some of them for surprises...they're gonna be Christmas presents for the grandparents!

My Precious Angel....

My Favorites.....

Just being Trevor....

It's a wonder Kim got any shots of Trevor at all. He's is always 90 to nothing....WIDE OPEN all of the time. I thought these were so cute, though.

More Pics