Saturday, September 29, 2007

And By the Second Quarter....

By the second quarter of the game, this one threw in the towel!


Well, we had another upset today, but that's okay. Trevor was wearin' his Alabama get-up win or lose! MiMi and Uncle Davy got this for him last week. Nick Saban, this is your man in 18 years!! (and I just now noticed how yellow his nose is getting in the bottom picture...maybe from all of the sweet potatoes he eats!)

All Done!

It was WAY past this little one's bedtime by the time we left. Needless to say, he conked out about 2 minutes into the way home.

Trevor and Uncle Jake

Trevor was excited to see Uncle Jake, because it's been a while. I think Uncle Jake lost his razor...

Dinner at Ichiban's

Watchin' the chef in amazement...

Last night we went to eat at Ichiban's with Uncle Davy and Uncle Jake. (Daddy was at work) We had such a good time! We were going to eat at Stix, but the wait there was rediculous. I haven't done anything with my brothers in a while, so this was a treat. Trevor had a good time too, playing with his uncles who spoil him rotten!

Ready to Go!

Me & My Buddy
Trevor and Uncle Davy
Let's go Mamma!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Little Stinker!

It does not matter what kind of palate (spelling?) I lay out for him, he always wants to be on the hardwood floor! I keep telling him it's gonna hurt when he falls on that hard floor, but he don't seem to care! I put him down, and to the hardwoods he goes. Oh well. I think he likes that they're cold, as you can see him "sprawled out" in the bottom right picture.

Trevor's New Trick

This is his newest trick...from a crawling position, he can sit up. He started doing this yesterday, and of course, I didn't get to see it. So I captured it on camera this morning. He's so full of energy, he may be walking by the end of the week...J/K! We still do NOT have any stinkin' teeth, and we're not "pulling up" yet. He doesn't have the best of balance. He's already hit his head on the floor a few times!!

Sweet Pictures...

Trevor loves playing with his Uncle Davy! All of these pictures are from a week ago... sorry so late on posting them!

Hangin' With Uncle Davy

And crawling on mamma....

Watchin' Mickey Mouse

Don't mess with him when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on. He stops everything to watch Mickey Mouse!

90 to Nothing...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Angel Baby!

I'm so proud of my little man. He is growing up so fast, becoming such a big boy. He no longer looks like a "baby" to me....he looks like a little man. He does something new every day...things that I never knew I would be fascinated by. Simple things like making a new sound, or making a funny face. He is so wonderful! I don't know what life was ever like without him.

Good-Bye Mandy :(

I am so sad that our friend and co-worker, Mandy is moving to Auburn. Mandy, there is no one quite like you and you will never be replaced in the ED. We all love you and will miss you so very much! (I know you're gonna miss us too much, and you're gonna have to come back, and that's okay!!)

Trevor and Molly

Trevor had a good ole' time playin' in Molly's pretty long hair....that's exactly why mommy's is always pulled back! Poor Molly!

The Boys

Hunter finally had enough of Trevor's mouth, and socked him one good time!
Trevor and Hunter had a good time flirting with all of the ladies. I was amazed at how hyper my child is compared to Hunter. Sweet little Hunter was just sitting there, being so good....and then my wild child was beatin' and bangin' on everthing and screaming at everyone. Oh well, like mother, like son I guess!

More Pictures from Today

From Sweet to Screaming in 2 Seconds!

What else can I say?...He doesn't have a bit of Hinton in him, does he?

Just a Little Taste of Halloween...

Okay, so I saw this costume Monday at Children's Place in the Galleria, and I could not resist. They also had this little skunk costume that was cute, too. I had to go with the turtle, though. Isn't this one of the cutest lil' turtles you've ever seen!?!

On The Go...Always!

I can't turn my back for 1 second these days. I wouldn't say that he is officially "crawling", but he can definitely get to where he wants to go....quickly! His new thing...getting up on all 4's. I think he's been watching his big brother Jett too closely!

Monday, September 17, 2007

2007 ER Beach Trip

Well, we survived our annual beach trip. It was so much fun. I have to say, I had more fun than last year!!! (you all know why!) It was very relaxing. I did not get as many fun pictures as Nicole, because most of the time, I was the one acting like an idiot for the camera! I was ready to come home and see my boys, though!

The ER Girls!

No Sun for Me!!

Okay, this one's for you, Mom! See, I was good and did not get in the sun. This was my little set-up on Saturday. I got in the sun some, like when I got in the water. For the most part, I obeyed my dermatologist and just stayed out of it!

Our Willy Drinks....

We were staying right down the beach from Pineapple Willy's, so we ventured down there and got us some daquiris on Saturday.

Eatin' at Pineapple Willy's

I know our waitress probably wasn't too fond of us...we made her take pictures with 8 different cameras!

More Pinapple Willy's Shots

Sharing Chris

Me and Aereal had to share "our momma" while we were at the beach. I don't think Aereal minded too much! I love this picture...Chris made us sit on each of her knees!

Bye-Bye Beach!

This was our last picture...until next year!

Our View from the 11th Floor...

The water was crystal beautiful. It always makes me sad to leave the beach when it's this pretty!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Finally a Video

This video does work, you just have to click the play button twice. It has no sound, because I took it with the camera, but you don't need sound! This is of my little squirt trying to crawl. He will have the hang of it before too long. I just hope he don't crawl this weekend...I am taking a beach trip with some of the girls from the Emergency Department! We are going to Panama City in the morning and coming back on Sunday. I don't know how well I'm gonna do away from Trevor for 2 days, but I know he'll be fine with his Daddy and Mi Mi and Paw Paw. More pictures to come probably Sunday night or Monday!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

My Little Man

If Looks Could Kill...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Will!!

Today was cousin Will's 3rd birthday party. It is Trevor's "7 month birthday" also. He had an action-packed afternoon. The kids swam, and we had pizza and birthday cake. Will got lots of cool presents. That dump truck in the lower left picture was from Trevor. We hope Mr. Will enjoys playing with it! We had a great time, but we are pooped...Trevor especially!

Colby is One Silly Fella

Trevor was trying to figure out his Uncle Colby....he's so silly. Trevor thought he was hilarious!

Trevor and Caroline

Swimmin' with Daddy!

Trevor's Balloon

He spotted this balloon and would not take his eyes off of it for a second, so....we took it home with us. This is Aunt Becky in the picture with Trevor.

He's Lost It....

I can't ever get a decent picture of my husband these days. He hates the camera. He told me before I took the picture, that this pose was for Jake...

Entertaining the Kids....

This is Uncle Jayson (Joe's brother) playing in the pool with all of the kids. I thought this turned out to be a funny picture (sorry Jayson!)