Saturday, October 27, 2007

Boo At the Zoo 2007

Well, I thought we were gonna do the Tannehill thing, but we decided to go to Boo at the Zoo at the last minute. So Mi Mi, Uncle Davy, Trevor, Joe, and myself piled up and off to the zoo we went. I'm so glad that we did. We had a blast, and I can't wait to go back next year. Trevor did so good, much to my surprise. He even kept his hat on most of the time (he hates hats). He only got fussy for about 2 minutes or so, when he got hungry, but I fixed that pretty quick. We didn't ride the train, due to the hour wait, but we did get to ride the carousel. Trevor even got to try a taste of his first sucker....don't worry fellow co-workers, I held it the whole time! All in all, we had a great time, and my poor baby is soooo pooped!

Waiting in Line...

It didn't take as long as I thought it would, with all of the picture-taking and all....

Sweet Baby Turtle with His Momma....

And Sweet Baby Turtle With His Daddy!

Snugglin' Up with Momma

1st Carousel Ride

The carousel was all decorated with spider webs and orange lights. My little man loved every minute of his first carousel ride!!

More Pictures with Mommy and Daddy

I love this bottom picture. I was standing on a little hill, so it looks like I'm a foot or so taller than Joe, but I'm not really!

The Barnyard Animals

We had a good time in the barn, other than the overwhelming smell of poop. Trevor loved looking at the goats. I couldn't figure out what this goat in the bottom pictures was doing. He wouldn't move...and he had his eyes open, so he wasn't asleep. Davy said he was in "time out". I think he may be a little bit scared of all of the kids!!

I Couldn't Resist....

For those of you who really know me, you know that I cannot pass up an opportunity to make a fool of myself...and that's just what I did. My mother and Joe acted like they didn't know me, but good ole' Uncle Davy got right in there and took my picture like a proud parent. Yes, I got a couple of crazy looks, but do you think I care?!

Yeah! Daddy Lowered the Bed!

I can rest much easier at night knowing that my baby is not going to topple out onto his head! He's so funny, he'll just pull up and stand there, like he's in jail! He's a little stinker!

Playing with My New Toy

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Look What I Can Do Now.....

This is what I wake up to in the mornings. We have GOT to lower his mattress! As active as he is, I can just see him toppling out of the bed. He thinks he is really doing something in these pictures! He's turned into a little monkey, with all of the pulling up he's been doing.

I'm Innocent...I Promise!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

All Over the Place...

This little guy is constantly on the go every minute of the day, except for nap time, which is actually coming more frequently now. I think it's from all of the activity. These pics are from my parents house the other night. Poor Elvis, Trevor chases that cat all over the house, now that he's mobile. Elvis finally wised up, and climbed up in the chair with my dad!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eatin' a Biscuit

Trevor has been so interested in what everyone else is eating here lately. So I've been letting him "test out" some table food. He seems to love whatever he can get his hands on. He absolutely loves biscuits, thanks to his Mi Mi. So this morning, I let him try to feed himself. He didn't really understand that the biscuit goes in the mouth, and not squished in between the fingers. He did pretty good, though! Oh, and excuse his hair...everyone keeps asking where he gets it from...from his daddy's side of the family (Joe's dad has a head full of thick, curly hair). It is getting impossible to tame these days!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Busy Weekend!

We've had a busy weekend to say the least. Friday, that lousy toofie that's been driving my baby crazy FINALLY broke through!! It's just as sharp as a razor too! Saturday, Trevor was doing his usual "scooting" around, and then...BAM, Sunday morning I put him down, and off he went. He was crawling around the house like he'd been doing it for months. Needless to say, both of his little knees are bruised from his new-found hobby. You should see the grin on his face when he's crawling...PRICELESS! I'm so proud of my little man, I just had to brag for a minute! I was honestly beginning to think that he would never get any teeth! Now they'll all probably start breaking through!!

The Sweetest...

Isn't this the sweetest picture of Trevor and Lexi Grace? She is doing so good too. She's running around all over the place. You'd never know what an ordeal this child went through over the past year. We're so glad she's feeling back to normal!!

Trevor and the Girls....

This is Trevor with his cousins Lexi and Hannah. It was hard to get a picture with all of them together, because most of the time was spent chasing you know who!

Trevor and His Cousins

This first picture is my cousin, Joab. He is thirteen, going on 25. I can remember holding him when I was thirteen, and he was just a little man. My how time flies by....
And this is cousin Darren. Trevor thinks he is so funny!

Just Practicing....

We've just now got the crawling thing down, I don't think we'll be walking any time soon. But who knows??

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Boat for Kids is Over!

We went to the hospital today for the drawing of the boat (boat for kids). Some man that we don't even know won. Oh well, it was fun helping sell the tickets over the past few months. I was kinda hopin' me, Trevor and Daddy would win it!

Big Boys!

These little boys had a good time on the "grassy knoll" this afternoon.This was Trevor's first time to actually roll around in the grass. He LOVED it!! I guess we're gonna have to sit in the grass more often!!

Me and Jaxson

This is Jaxson. His dad, Jerry, works in the ER with me. Jaxson is such a cutie and getting to be such a big boy.

Engrossed in another episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Nosy Boy

This little man goes straight to the back doors when he gets in his walker. He likes to see what the dog and cats are up to!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

8 Months Old!

My baby was eight months old yesterday. I cannot believe how fast he is growing. It just doesn't seem right! He's just turning into a little man. Those little dimples just melt my heart every time he flashes that big grin!


Trevor loves to play"pee-pie". I will get on my knees, and pop up and say "pee-pie!", and he thinks it is the funniest thing ever! Such a sweet baby!

What Can I Get into Now?


Always happiest while getting a bath!

Sleepy Head!

I guess all of those nights of keeping mommy up are catching up with him! Little stinker!!

Trevor @ Mindy's

Trevor got to stay with Mindy yesterday while I worked. He had such a good time. He was so worn out by the time I got him last night. Thank you Mindy!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Keeping Daddy's Spot Warm...

Sleepy Boy
Daddy is in Texas right now for his job, and we sure do miss him. This is Trevor at 3 AM this morning, yes I said 3 AM. He decided that he wanted to come and keep mommy company in her bed. So I was a sucker and let him. Check out Mr. Independant holding his own bottle, and even one-handing it! Joe left Tuesday, and will be getting home tonight, around midnight. We're ready for him to come back!!

Trevor and Avery

My child, on the other hand, was being a little fussy-butt, so we didn't get many pictures. He was so ill, and I know it was from not taking a nap...go figure... This is about the only picture I could snap fast enough without him whining!

Sweet Little Avery

Little Miss Avery came to visit yesterday afternoon. We haven't seen her in forever, she has gotten to be such a big girl! She is such a good baby. We were so glad she came to see us! She looks so much like her big sister Riley, it is unreal.

Monday, October 01, 2007

My Little Face-Maker

Never a dull moment with this child!! Excuse all of the food on his face, but he wasn't too impressed with the apple-cinnamon stuff I was feeding him. That's what all of the face-making was about.

Oh No....

Poor thing! He has definitely started this "separation anxiety" thing lately. This is what he does if I walk away from him for a split second. No kidding...I walked to the sink in this picture. I know it's aweful that I took this picture, but he flips out when I walk away. I must say, I don't think anyone else has ever wanted me around this much!!

NAPS are the Enemy!

My mother bought him this outfit over the weekend. I don't think there is a more perfect shirt for him. He still hates to take naps, and I guess he always will! That is one thing that he did NOT get from me!


He even got to share some of Mommy's ice cream!