Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nine Month Update...

Last week, I also took Andrew for his 9 month visit. Chunkus is weighing in 23lbs these days, and is 29 3/4 inches tall. What a big boy!! He is now crawling, well, dragging himself. He can also pull up when he wants to (just to his knees)....I think he's too heavy to hold himself up, or just too lazy! He can say "ma ma" and "da da" and "ba ba". He is doing better with the sleeping thing...depends on how tired he is. He smiles all of the time, and is a pure joy to be around. He never cries, except when he's so tired he can't stand himself. But forget it if he gets hurt...I guess I'd never know. Right now he has a huge strawberry on the back of his head, and I have no clue how it happened....isn't that pitiful? It just appeared...and he never shed a tear. It looks like it might have hurt, too. Oh well, he's gonna be my tough cookie. He didn't even cry last week when he got a shot...he whimpered for a second, then he stopped. Poor Trevor man is my drama king! He gets hurt, and milks it for about a week!

Anyway, I figured I'd update, since it's been a while, and we're leaving for the beach tomorrow afternoon. I hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend! Please pray that we make it to and from the beach in one piece!! I will have lots of pictures when we come back, so I will share more then!

Happy Birthday Uncle "Daby"!!

We celebrated my brother's birthday last Wednesday (June 23). He turned 25 I least that's what his little girl, Cat, thinks!.....Ahem....happy 33rd bithday big brother!!

Sweet Little Abbey!

This chick growing like a weed....check out those thighs! I just about scared her to death that day...I had a hat on, and I don't think she knew who Aunt Staci was....check out the look on her face!

The Lake....

Last week, we went and spent some time at the lake at the Hughes' place. It was soooo much fun, and even though it was tiring, I am so glad we went. It was fun just to be around 2 other adults....that have kids. We went down Tuesday, and stayed the night, and came back Wednesday afternoon. I had such a great time reminiscing with the girls about what idiots we used to be!! We just laughed and laughed....I think we turned out amazing, considering some of the adventures we've partaked in!

The boys had a great time, and Trevor is still talking about "the boys"...aka Aiden and Austin! We are definitely gonna have to get this group of wild boys back together and let them play!

Sweet Babies!

Check out Andrew and Layla Rae! They were so cute in their little hats!

Me and My Baby Boy!

Boat Ride



Something about a boat ride.....


He's got to be one of the sweetest and cutest baby boys ever!

Aiden and Trevor...

Layla Rae!

Sweet little Layla Rae is like a little beam of sunshine....always smilin'!! Precious girl!!

Austin and Andrew

Austin was so sweet to Andrew. I had to take some pictures of him talking to Andrew
and loving on him!

Kids, Kids, and More Kids!!

Last week went went and spent some time at the lake with the Jenn and her boys, and Rachel, Brady Cole, and Layla. We had the best time!! Yes, Jennifer, Rachel, and I were constantly running around after these kiddos, but it was a delight to spend some time with the girls and our babies. We kept saying, "who would've ever thought we'd be hanging out with these 6 little boys, and 1 girl?!" Poor Layla Rae....she didn't seem to mind, though!

Excuse Him....

My child was obsessed with the "Liken DeQueen" helmet, arm, and knee pads. We got a kick out of it, so I had to take a picture! Love him!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Explorer....

Here's Andrew thinking he's gonna escape....until he saw his reflection in the door! I had to run and get my camera. He was just talking up a storm to himself. I think he was asking "that other baby" how the heck to get outside!!

My Little Men...

This is what I think about all day, everyday while I'm at work....these fellas. Jeez, I love them to pieces! Trevor was "shaking his booty" for me in the last picture. He is such a "mini me"'s scary, really!

Busy, Busy, Busy.....

I haven't posted in a while, because for some reason (ahem,.....$$$$$$), I have decided to go back to work seven days in a row. So, it's back in the swing of working a week, off a week. It's been a challenging adjustment, since I have been working part time since I had Andrew. I'm sure I'll adjust quickly, but I'll tell you....I'm beat! On a positive note, at least I have a job, and I have that option of picking up more hours...I am thankful for that!

With that being said....the following post.....

Stitches....Round 2

So, this is my child's second time to get stitches. I guess he missed me so much my first Saturday back to work, he had to come see me at work....with a gashed up head. At least it's in his hair line, and you can't see it. It was a good sutures. You can imagine how well he behaved during the procedure. What can I say....wild 3 year old boy....I can honestly say that there's not too much that surprises me anymore!

Big Brother

He's usually following right after Andrew, giving me a full report on what he's doing....guess that's a good thing!

Where's the Baby?!?

That is apparently Andrew's favorite game to play! I turn my back for a second...and he takes off. He's a fast little booger too! He usually goes straight to the air vent, under his jumper (which by the was is useless now, it just makes him mad because he likes to be on the go). I wish I could've gotten a picture of him hovering over it, with his hair blowing!! He was just a'smiling! So cute! He is such a joy!

Wanting to Join In....

Poor baby! He was watching all of the kiddos swim, and you could tell he wanted in the water so bad. He was so hot and sweaty, and so was I! We did get in, once the crowd of children fizzled....but there are no pictures, because he is so hard to handle in the water! He is so heavy, and just flops like a fish when he hits the water. Maybe one day before the summer is over, we can get some pictures of this angel swimming!


We went to Caroline's birthday party a couple of weeks ago (yes, I'm just now posting these). Trevor had such a good time swimming. It is amazing how much better he swims compared to last year.

Friday, June 04, 2010

My Babies!

I know, they look like some "rag-a-muffins", but we don't get all dolled up to sit around the house. We are having a lazy day, since mommy worked until 3am this morning, and have to go back and do it all over tonight. We are in our PJs, and probably will be all day!!

Brother, What'cha Got?

This thing is so nosy.....he has to being right under Trevor all of the time. I love how sweet Trevor is to him. He's always talking to him, and showing him things. Now that Andrew is old enough to start grabbing at his toys, I have a feeling we're gonna have some fights in the future!....and some knock down, drag outs when they get older. For now, I'm just enjoying watching them interact with each other. I know Andrew thinks the world of Trevor...he never takes his eyes off of him!

Happy Boy!

Here he is clapping and laughing!! Love it!

Trevor is OFFICIALLY....

POTTY TRAINED!!!! WHOOOOOO HOOOOOO! I never thought I would see the day. When people told me that boys were hard to train....I had no idea. I think I have, hands down, the most stubborn child in the world. But, after months and months of trying, and failing miserably, I can honostly say that he is DONE with diapers!! He won't even let you come near him with a pull up anymore, because they are "for babies, not big boys". We have been a couple of weeks now with no accidents at night, and he actually thinks that doo-dooing in the potty is fun!! I just hope Andrew is easier to potty train than this hard head!!

Camera Shy?

If you're wondering why I have very few pics of Trevor these days, it's because he's going through this phase where he does NOT want his pictures taken. Usually he runs and hides when I break out the camera. I did catch this one of him, but I had to be quick!!