Thursday, December 30, 2010

Too Much Fun!

Just look at this sweet angel. He had too much excitement for one day!

Fun Times!!

So Excited!

Trevor was so much fun this year. Andrew pretty much didn't know what was going on, but brother was having a blast. I had to go into work at 11, but I was so glad to get to spend the morning with my babies!

Well, Santa Came!

I took pictures of what Santa brought, because I knew I wouldn't be able to get any good ones Christmas morning. I knew Trevor would be so excited, he'd go to throwing things everywhere! Santa was very good to the boys this year!

Phone Call From Santa

Santa called Trevor on Christmas Eve, and told him if he didn't get in the bed and go to sleep, he'd skip right over his house. Can you believe that guy?!? The look on his face was priceless!

Pillow Pets!

I let the boys open one present on Christmas Eve. What better present than their pillow pets, right? Trevor got a puppy, and Andrew got a monkey.

My Husband.....

Is just a nut....there are no other words to describe him. This is him with my brother's new size 14 hunting boots. Little big for you, hun. I had to get this picture...he is not right!

Snap Shots of the Family

My special husband and I

Trevor Man


Me and my little cousin, Jace

sweet little Lexi
As you can probably see, we are a special group. We always have a good time! These are just a few snap shots from our time in "the country" on Christmas Eve.

Ohhhh....The Teeth

So Andrew has had 6 teeth for the longest time. He is now cutting 5 teeth at one time. Poor guy is so drooly, I have to keep a bib on him at all times. Maybe one of these days we'll be through with all of this teething business!

Sweet Man...

Where has my baby boy gone?!? He's growing waaayy too fast. I need him to just slow down a bit.

Playing on Becky's "Puter"

Here's Trevor and Becky playing Dino Dan on the computer

Christmas at Aunt Becky's

We went to Aunt Becky's the night before Christmas Eve, and the kids had a blast, as usual. Here are some snap shots of them opening their gifts. I can't believe how big all of our kiddos are getting!

Andrew and Mommy

Trevor took this picture....he was so proud of it!


This little fella is such a cutie. He has the BEST personality. He's always happy....always. I love it!

Trevor and Jett Jett

Jett has been spending some time indoors in this bitter cold. Trevor drives him nuts, but I'm so glad he's noT scared of him anymore! Trevor went through a phase where he was terrified of dogs, but I think that it's over. Jett is not happy about this picture, by the way!! : )

Me and My Sweet!

I love this sweet man more than anything!! He's not too crazy about pictures, though!

Aunt Margaret and Me

This is my Aunt Margaret, my mother's sister. She is my favorite....never a dull moment with Aunt Margaret around!!