Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We are Still Here!!

I think it is safe to say that I have been the world's worst blogger this summer. We have just been sooo busy. We have been swimming alot at our Aunt Becky's house, and I wish that I had another set of arms so that I could take some pictures. I can't turn my back for half a second with Andrew around. He is so quick to climb up the slide ladder, or try to jump off the diving board. He has absolutely NO fear where water is concerned...which is a scary thing for me! Maybe next time we swim, I will make it a point to take pictures.

We have also been busy getting our house ready to sell. So if anyone out there wants a super cute, well kept 2 bedroom house in Hueytown....come on to the Cox House!! We are just ready for a larger house....it's time! We are probably going to go toward Shelby County...Pelham, Helena, Chelsea...somewhere in that general area.

We have also been spending alot of time at the lake. My parents bought a house on Lay Lake right before the tornado, and it's a really good thing they did, or they wouldn't have had anywhere to live for the past 3 months. Their house in PG is almost ready to be lived in once again, but I don't know if they'll move back. I miss having them just 10 minutes down the road sooo bad!

Sooooo, I will have to be better about blogging. It's just so hard in the summertime! We are so busy!

Ahhhh.....and After!!

So here is the finished product. With the help of my wonderful mother, we were able to knock out this painting project in just hours. I am very happy with the way it turned out. Maybe it will help sell this house!!

Kitchen Project....

So don't laugh at my 90's wallpaper. I am well aware of how ugly it is...it was horrible. WAS is the key word. I worked my fanny off all week last week, tearing this mess down, getting ready to paint. I realize that this pretty wallpaper would not be a great selling point with our house. I am proud to say that it is gone now!

The Time Has Come...

to put the house on the market. We listed it 2 weeks ago, and so far no luck. Still praying we can sell it pretty easily. It's such a cute little house, and we have enjoyed it for the past 7 years. It's where I brought both of my sweet babies home to, so in a way it's kinda sad. Lots of memories in this little house!


Trevor and I climbed up on this pole for the show while Joe apparently sat back and took pictures. I didn't realize he was taking these, but he got some good shots of the fireworks!

Thunder on the Mountain

This year, we went to the top of Children's parking deck to watch Thunder on the Mountain. The boys liked the fireworks for the first 3 minutes, and then it got old. I'm such an overgrown child, I had to watch them until the end. It was a good time, though!

Best Part of the Night!

So Geiko was handing out these little blow up things, and Trevor was convinced they were "dinosaur balloons". Thank goodness some sweet girl gave him hers, because there were no more left. He was so excited about his dinosaur balloon!


Coach "B"

Trevor was lovin' the bobble head trophy!

Trevor and Brandon

Don't Forget Me!!

Little Andrew was having himself a good time, too. He just tags right along with the big boys. He thinks he's so grown up!

What a Team!

Well, we started the season with only 9 players. We lost 2 players, so then we were down to 7. We only had 4 show up for the party, but they had a blast. We are gonna have to go back to some Baron games this year, because Trevor really enjoyed it!

Pretty Rainbow

This rainbow came out right after the rain stopped. I just love rainbows!

Baron's Game

We had Trevor's t-ball team party at the Baron's game last month. The boys had a great time - even though only 4 of them showed up! It was pouring down rain right before the game, and there was a rain delay. All in all, I think the boys had a great time, especially Mr. Andrew!