Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Y'all!!

Here we are! I think we've started a little tradition of getting the family picture with our little monster all dressed up. This year, we trick-or-treated in my grandfather's neighborhood. We had a good time, and I think Trevor had a blast. I don't know how this child hasn't vomited yet, with all of the candy he ate! I can't wait to do it again next year. He was getting pretty good there at the end. He walked up to the last house, and smashed his face on the glass door. One thing about him...he's not too shy when it comes to candy!

Halloween 2007

Ridin' and Drivin'

He is getting so smart these days. He would alternate from riding (he would say "I wide") to driving "I dive". He is too much to handle! I definitely get a workout just trying to keep up with him!

Trick or Treat!!

Trevor was the little red dragon again, and can you guess what I went as?

The Fun House

These little ladies were cracking me up....they asked if we were from the Birmingham News, since we were taking pictures. The one little lady with the guitar came out on the porch singing "Hound Dog". I thought I was gonna fall out laughing. They were so precious!

Eating Candy

Here we are, eating some Whoppers. He's had WAY too much candy tonight....I don't think he's gonna go to bed. Oh, hold on, he never wants to go to sleep!


This is my poor little grandfather that's been so sick. He is really struggling these days, but he refuses to go back to the hospital. He was pretty excited about all of the trick-or-treaters tonight, though. I thought it was sweet, getting a picture with me and Trevor, he's just a'grinnin!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boo at the Zoo!!

Just look at my little Red Dragon...isn't he something? We went to Boo at the Zoo last night, and he did so good! Surprisingly, he wore his costume. I didn't think he would, because every time I've tried to put it on him, he's had a melt down. I think because it was cold last night, he didn't mind it, because it was a nice and warm suit! He didn't even have any tantrums last night...I think he was in pure amazement with all of the lights and things. Of course, he was OUT on the way home. I can't wait to go trick or treating now that I know he'll behave with his costume on!!

Taking it all In

Rinding the Choo-Choo with Da

Love this Picture....

I don't know why I love this picture so much, but it's just precious to me.


Yes, there were bubble machines there, and Trevor was in Heaven!!

Lovin' the Goats

...As always, Trevor has to love on the goats. He is such a sucker for his momma. One woman got so tickled at him, because he was actually giving the little goat kisses. Oh well...a little goat germs never hurt anyone!

Riding "Marty"!

My child is obsessed with the movie Madagascar--and he loves the zebra, "Marty". So when it was time to ride the carousel, he spotted the zebra. The whole time we were riding the thing, he was petting him, and saying "Hey Marty". It was so cute. Sorry about the pictures....they didn't turn out so well...#1- Joe was operating the camera, #2- It was going pretty fast AND backwards, so it was hard to see when to smile, and Joe couldn't tell where we were!

Friday, October 10, 2008

20 Months Old!

My baby was 20 months old on Wednesday. Does someone know how to slow them down from growing up so fast?

Finally, an Update!

Yes, we're still alive. We've been really busy the last couple of weeks, and it's just been really hard to find the time to blog. My PaPa (daddy's dad) has been really sick for the past few weeks. He's been in the hospital for the past week, but hopefully he'll get out this weekend. He's basically been having complications of congestive heart failure. He thought that he had bronchitis (because his lungs were full of fluid), but then he started swelling, especially in his legs. Come to find out, he's got CHF. But he's doing much better now. I'm not sure how he'll do when he gets home, because he's not the most compliant man. He doesn't take his medicine right, even though he says he does. He's kinda hard-headed and set in his ways....those of you who know him know that's true!!

Any way, here are some pictures from our trip to the zoo 2 weekends ago, I just haven't had time to post them! Enjoy!

Feeding the Lorikeets

This is always my favorite thing to do at the zoo! Even though you tend to get doo-doo'd on, it's so much fun. Trevor enjoyed it too!


The boys just kept hissing at the snakes. It was the cutest thing! Trevor also kept saying "BI-CHEW!!" (bite you)

Erica, the Diva

Erica is Tonya's youngest daughter, and she is such a cutie. She knows how to work the camera. She and Cat had a good time entertaining each other!

Trevor and Aunt Erin

Trevor was smiling so good in this picture with Erin. Someone tell me why he kicks, fights, and screams when I try to get a picture with him these days!!


This big guy's name is Jamie. Luckily, the zookeeper was standing in his area, so naturally, I had to ask some questions about him. I just think that this is an awesome animal. He was sleeping, and then all of a sudden, he jumped up, and ran over to this rock, and started posing for us. I asked the lady if they were gonna get another silverback, since Babec passed away in the spring, and she said no. The males try to show their dominance too much and end up nearly killing each other. Maybe they'll get Jamie a woman soon!

Bria and Trevor

My mom's friend, Tonya, went to the zoo with us. This is her daughter, Bria, and she is adorable. She was such a big help with Trevor. I asked her mom if she could come live with us on my off week....:)


I love this picture of Cat...she's concentrating so hard on feeding that giraffe!

Baby Giraffe

He was too cute not to take a picture of!