Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Trevor!!

February 8, 2011

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Oh...my....where do the years go? Is my baby boy really 4?!? It seems like yesterday I was still pregnant with him. Well, 4 years ago, Joe and I were blessed with a 7lb perfectly healthy baby boy. Boy, how he has changed my life. I am truly blessed to have him, and I thank the Lord every day for him and his little brother. They are the loves of my life! Happy Birthday, my angel. I love you more than you'll ever know!

Birthday Bowling!

Trevor and I spent his birthday bowling at Vestavia Bowl. Then, of course, we saw Chuck E Cheese, so we had to stop in there as well! We had a great day!

He whipped me...I wish I would have take a picture of the final frame. He has so proud that he beat me... ; )


Leanin' with it!

Straight gutter ball...

Thanks, Son!


I paid for 2 people to play, I don't know why! Trevor decided that he would bowl for me as well....but I didn't have the bumpers. So, needless to say....he won!

Wonder Where He Learned This....????

This picture is totally out of order, but I just ran across it. Andrew has mastered the eat crap mean face alright. I wonder if he's been watching his big brother at all?

My Precious Angel

I took off today for Trevor's birthday. I am so glad we got to spend the day together, just him and I. It's the best off day I've had in a while. I try to soak up every minute with him, because I know he won't be this small for long. I still can't believe he's 4. That's crazy!!

Firing a Gun...Oh My!

Trevor wanted to play this hunting game. I have to say it was quite an experience watching him do so. He is definitely trigger-happy. He was supposed to be hunting buffalo, but he kept shooting the cows. It's really not funny, but I couldn't stop laughing!

....and more pics

Mommy and Trev

Well, I tried to get a good picture of me and Trevor on his birthday, but hmmmm....these aren't too good, are they? He is so stinkin' silly!

2 Tired Monkeys!

This picture was taken in mid January. This was one afternoon after Andrew's 15 month check up. They were soooo tired. I love taking pictures of them when they're sleeping, so I had to capture this moment. I also loved Trevor's hat...he looked so goofy in it!
Speaking of the 15 month check-up...Tub o' love weighs in at 28lbs 6 oz, was 33 1/4 inches tall ...that's almost 3 feet. He is so big! He is definitely on his way to catching big brother!!

Day at McWane

We love, love the McWane Center. We have a membership, and it has been a life-saver during these bitter cold weeks!! My boys love it there, and would stay all day if I would. This was one trip where I was actually able to break out my camera!

Finally an Update!

Sorry, we have not posted in a WHILE. I think it's the longest we've ever gone without an update. We haven't been super busy, just nothing new. Mommy has been really slacking on picture-taking, mainly because she is CONSTANTLY chasing Mr. Andrew. He has really, really become a little terd in the past month or so. He is so fast, and into EVERYTHING. He's such a sweetie though, it's hard to get too mad at that sweet face!