Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bad Blogger...

Sorry I haven't posted all week, but I've been busy....between working extra shifts and having a fussy, fussy baby. We are now on our third round of antibiotics to kick this nasty ear infection that he has. And now, of course, he has a nasty rash popping up all over his body, I'm sure from all of the antibiotics. We are back on Augmentin, and I don't have much faith in it, being as it didn't cure the ears the first time. But oh well, we'll wait and see I guess. We weren't able to see Dr. Hardwick on Tuesday, so we saw Dr. Stone. He said that if this round of antibiotics doesn't clear things up, he would highly recommend tubes. We'll wait and see if the antibiotics work, and also see what Dr. Hardwick thinks. Whatever will help my poor baby's ears...I just want my happy boy back! And on top of the ears, we are cutting 4-5 teeth at the SAME TIME. I knew that was coming....being that he's a year old and only has 3 teeth!

Happy Birthday Hunter!!

Last weekend, we went to Hunter's first birthday party. We had so much fun, even though Trevor wouldn't let me put him down half of the time. He warmed up there towards the end of the party as you can see! Happy Birthday Hunter!!

Hunter's Toys...

Trevor decided he was gonna help Hunter play with some of his toys. He just took off with his dump truck. I wished he would've been this interested in his toys that he got for his birthday...but you know how kids are...everything looks better when someone else has it! Gosh, do they already start that this early?!?

Cute Boys!

More Party Pictures...

These balloons were a big hit with the kids...Trevor kept calling them "ba's" (balls). He thinks anything round is a ball!
These fellas were just too cute for words....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hey Brother, Want Some Goldfish?

I think I know where all of Trevor's food is going these days. He definitely has "sharing" down. The problem is, he thinks he has to share EVERYTHING with Jett. And Jett is not complaining one bit!!

Look What I Came Home To....

Joe and I both had to work on Valentine's Day. Joe was off the day before, and this is what I came home to at about 8:00pm. I must say, I about fell out in the floor. You just have to husband cooks, but he doesn't like to clean too much. And my house was a disaster before I left for work. He worked hard getting it cleaned up...and not to mention the dinner...on the dining room table that's always cluttered with bills and papers!!! He straightened all of that up...and if you didn't notice he got me some boxes of chocolates, too. He was so sweet. He knows that my favorite is "turtles", but he went to 3 different stores to find some, and was unsuccessful. He got me 2 boxes of other chocolates instead. I told him I didn't care. I was just amazed that the house was clean, so amazed that I took pictures! Those of you who know Joe, know that he really out-did himself, and earned some major "brownie" points with momma!!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Trevor!!

Well, it's official...I have a one year old. Some of you reading this are probably thinking, dang, how many times is she going to mention Trevor's 1st birthday? (Kam imparticularly). I'm sure those of you who are mothers understand where I'm coming from. But here I go again. Today is the real birthday. It's hard to believe 1 year ago I was in the hospital with a brand new baby boy. My how time does fly. It's just amazing to me how God can use such a tiny individual to make you realize what life's really all about. It's not about how much money you have, or how many fancy trips you can take around the world. It's about being happy with the things around you, and realizing how truly blessed you are. You see, in this past year, I've learned more about myself than I have in the 26 years I've been here on earth. I've stopped wishing I had this, and that...and opening my eyes to what I DO HAVE. I have a wonderful husband and family that love me, a job that I adore (except in the winter...ha), and most of all, a healthy child. In my eyes, it does't get much better than that. In this past year, Trevor has played a major role in showing me the meaning of true love and happiness. I can't imagine my life without him, or remember what it was like before him. Happy 1st birthday, my angel!!

1 Year Ago...

These pictures were taken February 8, 2007 right after my little angel was born.

My Little Monster...

His Shirt Says It All...

Dinner at Habenero's

He decided he was so hungry, he would just eat the plate! Mi Mi was feeding him some cheese, and he was obviously lovin it!

Pullin' on Paw Paw's Whiskers

I don't know why, but this child loves to pull on my dad's beard. The more he says "Ouch", the harder Trevor pulls...and thinks it's hilarious!

Our Trip to the Zoo

It was so beautiful outside today, we decided to go to the zoo. Trevor had a blast. He had to point at every animal that we saw. I think his favorite was the big hippo. We saw him right as he was getting fed, so we got to see him climb out of the water. Trevor was laughing the whole time. I think all of the animals were tired because it's winter. Even the monkeys were sleeping, so no pictures of them...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Playing Doctor...

Trevor found my stethoscope laying around and decided to put it to use. He was just remimding me that I have to go back to work this weekend. We actually went to see Dr. Hardwick this morning. My little man just hasn't been his normally "happy" self the past two days. He's not sleeping at night, which is really nothing new. But the past 2 nights he has been waking up SCREAMING to the top of his lungs. And then this morning, he had a fever. Well, boy do I feel bad...both of his ears are infected!! So now we got us some antibiotics to take. Hopefully he'll be feeling better in no time!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Did Santa Come Again?

My goodness! This child got so much stuff! I think he got more for his birthday than he did for Christmas. I still don't know what we're gonna do with all of this!

Puttin' the Toybox Together...

As you can see, Trevor thought he was helpin' out. We love the new toybox. Thank you so much Aiden and Austin!

Cake Anyone?

Opening Presents

Trevor was more interested in the Mickey Mouse bag that someone gave him than all of the presents. He's obsessed with Mickey Mouse!


Davy, Lexi, Aunt Margaret and Amy
Jake, Tara, and Grant Jennifer and AveryTrevor and Daddy

Eatin' Pizza

More Pictures...

Gettin' ready for the party....
Trevor and cousin Lexi