Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stitches....Round 2

So, this is my child's second time to get stitches. I guess he missed me so much my first Saturday back to work, he had to come see me at work....with a gashed up head. At least it's in his hair line, and you can't see it. It was a good sutures. You can imagine how well he behaved during the procedure. What can I say....wild 3 year old boy....I can honestly say that there's not too much that surprises me anymore!


The Scoggins Family said...

Bless his heart! What happened?? Taht is one tough little boy!

I missed you in church last week! I imagine you will be there this week since I read about your work schedule changing. I will be working the nursery so I will get to keep Andrew if ya'll are there on Sunday!

Jenn said...

He looks incredibly proud of his stitches!
I think he DID miss his Mommy!