Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinosaur Cake!

So, if you order your cake from Publix in Hueytown like a month in advance (to ensure there is plenty of time for them to make the cake your child has been talking about for the past month or so)...MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THE RECEIPT. Because it's a little too late when you go pick it up minutes before your child's party, and they don't have it. Can't find the order recollection of it. That's what happened to us. Yes...all my child wanted for his birthday was a "dinosaur cake". No fancy bike, skateboard, Wii, you name it....nope, all he wanted was a dinosaur...cake....sheeeesh! Hence, the whop-sided pitiful excuse for a dinosaur cake that is in front of my child. Oh well...he didn't care...for all he knew, he had gotten his dinosaur cake that he had been asking for! And this one was only $10....

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