Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This was just one of the first pictures I took with my new camera! Yeah! I've been wanting a new camera for the longest time...and I finally went and bought one last night. It's a Canon Power Shot SX100 IS. I'm not a camera wiz at all, but I wanted the most camera for the least amount of money, and this is what it came to. I've always had Canon's so I decided to stay with them. I LOVE this thing. It has all kinds of neat little features on it, that I obviously need to read about!

Enough about the camera. Trevor is feeling much better, and I think he is pretty much back to his "old self". We went to the zoo today, and I think we may go to the water park tomorrow afternoon. I have a dentist appointment that I have kept canceling in the past. I am so horrible about keeping dental appointments. But I decided that I have to go....I don't want my teeth falling out any time soon!! So off to the dentist I will go in the morning....UUUUGGGHH!!!

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Ashley Trammell said...

Cute pic! I hope you enjoy your new camera!