Tuesday, June 07, 2011


This one here is a handful. Let me just tell you a little story about him. So, Sunday was our last day staying with the Harrison's, and it was Brady Cole's birthday party. Toward the end of the party, I got the boys inside, dried off, and dressed. (They had a big water slide and 2 baby pools). I still had to load some things into my car, so I told Trevor that I was going to shut the door behind me, so that his brother couldn't get loose. I said, "stay right here with brother, and I'll be back in 2 seconds". "Okay Momma", says Trevor. So, I grab our bags and run, knowing that it's only a matter of seconds before Andrew escaped. When I got back in the house, the door to the room was open...my kids were gone. After a few profanities escaped my mouth, the search was on....Nowhere in the house was Andrew. Trevor was in the play room. "Where is your brother?"...."I don't know". I ran outside, and there he was...in full sprint to the baby pool...fully clothed mind you. Well...too late. Soaked! So you can imagine how frustrated I was. I have never been so mad at him. But now, looking back, it was pretty dang funny. He is just B-A-D! ALL BOY...full of life and energy, and he NEVER stops. My momma always told me that I would have a child like Jake, my baby brother. Well, mom...Andrew is Jake...on steroids!!

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