Saturday, July 19, 2008

First Official ER Visit

Well, I had to break down and take Trevor to the ER last night, well actually this morning. He's had a cough for about a week that wasn't that bad. Last night about 8:30, he started coughing constantly and having stridor. He couldn't catch his breath, which is kinda scary when stridor's involved. I got him calmed down, and kept telling myself, let's just wait and see what happens. So the stridor went away, but he continued to cough like a maniac.

So, at 3:00 am, off to Children's we go. We started off with an albuterol neb to see if that would help with the coughing (mind you, he had already had 2 doses of benedryl, and 2 doses of tylenol with codiene for the coughing). Dr. Sorrentino also thought his cough sounded "croupy", so we did some steroids. After the albuterol, we let him calm down, and the stridor started back. Well, that bought him a chest x-ray, airway films, and a racemic epi neb. His chest x-ray looked great, and airway films were "narrowed", which is to be expected with croup.

After 2 breathing treatments, steroids, some x-rays, and 24 hours of no sleeping (what's new?) we are doing better, just exhausted. Thank you, thank you to Dr. Sorrentino, Dr. Monroe, Adam, Skip, and the rest of the ER staff for your help. I work with an amazing group of people! Thanks for getting us in and out, considering how crazy it was there.


The Rice Family said...

poor baby i sure hope he is feeling better...


poor baby, i hope he feels better. i was there right after you with aiden and his wheezing!